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Moultrie Mobile – Buying Guide

Latest Technology

Moultrie is considered one of the best cameras in the hunting world.  It is recent wireless-based trail camera technology. There is no need to draw the SD card from the camera dynamically from now on. It also reduces the hassle of gas money and large-size drives to haul it out. It becomes possible to get all the trail camera pictures on your mobile phone with the Moultrie Mobile application aided by XA-6000. 

How does the Moultrie Mobile app work?

Have you ever heard about the Moultrie mobile app? If you also don’t know little or more, you will learn here.  XA-6000 is two in one deal. The first thing is that it is a game camera and secondly it is wireless internet. PIR sensor helps in working the camera by identifying the movement of fauna and activating the system to capture the scene. 

The multimedia photograph taken is sent out with the help of AT&T 4G connections to Moultrie mobile cloud built web server by cellular dongle part of the camera. For the first time, when it is transferred to the server, the picture is accessible on the Moultrie app after you gain access to your account through the workstation. 

XA-6000 records snap of 16Mp, which are attractive and of good quality. Pictures of the higher standard are set aside in microSD Card, and of a lower quality are moved to the server to consume less data by avoiding the transfer of higher quality snapshots on the server. 

Moultrie Mobile app features

Utilise authentic facts to organise hunting with a camera. You can find out how o’clock, climate change, the period of the moon influence the game’s activity. It generates a deliberate chart of hunting places. The Huff-duff authorised camera spontaneously flaunts on Map, making it productive. In a single app, you can observe the forecast and orientation of the breeze right from your mobile. 

Additionally, this app is available for both iOS and Android. Some other features include:

  • Various management options 
  • Many attractive filters to apply to your videos and photos
  • Turkey, Buck, and doe tracking
  • Weather tracking

Network Connection

Although, you can download standard quality images free of cost. Besides, it accepts your data connection and never demands extra money. It works with a speed of 0.9-second. Moultrie mobile always takes the best images without blur or grains. 

Snaps taken in the daytime are vivid and represent true colours; even you will start thinking that the photographer captures these best pictures. But it is the magic of the Moultrie trail camera. 

It never fails to shoot instantaneous reels with elevated features. Aneasily possible to differentiate between pictures of people, stag, and automobiles by using auto intelligent labels. It is in your hand to change the camera settings by tuning, keeping track of battery levels, and many other things in your smartphone. 

Image Quality

If you want to know the Moultrie mobile camera features, then you will be amazed to see that it provides 32 Mp cameras. It holds an ILLUMI-NIGHT 3 camera sensor. This sensor aims to give ultra-sharp high-quality images during night time and day. 

Furthermore, you can also send high-resolution photos to your phone or PC without hassle. On the other hand, this camera features a 0.35 trigger speed. It helps you record the animal even if the object crosses in a single blink. 

Battery Life

One of the crucial things that buyers always check while buying any type of camera is the battery power. You will be amazed to know that the Moultrie mobile always comes with 12 AA batteries. Moreover, this product contains branded batteries to give long time recording. Everyone wants to have a battery that can go longer. 

But nothing is better than rechargeable batteries. It is good to prefer rechargeable batteries. Besides, having two or more batteries for the Moultrie mobile will work well during hunting. Instead of waiting for recharging the single one. 

Image and Video

If you want to have still photos and videos, then nothing is preferable than this Moultrie Mobile as it has an enormous selling ratio. All the recorded content will take your skill to the next level. 


If something is according to your need and desire, the cost does not matter. Besides this, the Moultrie mobile comes with reasonable prices instead of its best working ability and long battery life. You can buy this incredible camera for under $100. 

Advantages of Moultrie Mobile camera

  • Various features attract many users to buy for different purposes. These include:
  • It comes at a reasonable price, so affordable for all.
  • Has a long battery life. 
  • And provides high-quality video and photo resolution
  • Quite easy to use
  • Durable design
  • Catchy look


  • Moultrie mobile has limited remote adjustments


The Moultrie mobile uses the latest technology and offers a great variety of different features. It gives access to the camera trail despite your location, wherever you are sitting, without interrupting the game. It provides a long-lasting battery bank, groundbreaking photograph resolution, straightforward to operate by opening scan and go on, prepared for endurance, accessible from coast-to-coast, considered as the most popular camera in America. 

Contrasting to other cameras, it stores data permanently, supplies unlimited storage for your best-loved haughty, and hunts multimedia at no cost. These cameras are wide-awake every time, dispatch emails to your mobile, involuntarily mark human beings or wheels displayed on pictures so you can go through message alerts. 

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