Moin Uddin – Bringing Ethical Fashion to Consumer Attention


In a world full of fast fashion and toxic production methods, ethical fashion is rare.

As a rule, ethical fashion is pricier to produce. Every step of the production process involves quality control, from selecting the crops, to ensuring humane labor conditions.However, many fashion designers have taken up the challenge. Their desire to produce high quality and ethical fashion comes as a mission before profit. One is Moin Uddin, known as Master Moin, the founder of Salvatorini.



More on Moin Uddin

Moin Uddin is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and one the world’s best dressed men.His focus is on the classic menswear niche. Moin Uddin aims to revolutionize male fashion, reshaping old school styles for the modern age.However, a good aesthetic sense isn’t all that he values. Ethical production is a core part of Moin Uddin’s fashion mission, and for a multitude of reasons.



Ethical Fashion Leads to Quality

Born in Chittagong Bangladesh, Moin Uddin knows firsthand what a nation with suboptimal labor rights and conditions looks like.Unethical labor, while excellent at mass production, rarely produces quality output.But Moin Uddin’s ethics do not stop at a care for good working conditions. They also extend towards the environment.That is, Moin Uddin’s brand only selects fabrics that are produced without damaging the environment through pesticide use and soil erosion.



High Standards – A Necessity for Classic Menswear

Moin Uddin believes that classic menswear should impress, not by color and fit, but also by production methods.Such high standards have taken him far. Moin Uddin approach to the fashion industry does not only include design and production. It also includes customer service, the right marketing approach, and finding talents to help him grow his brand.Thus, it is not surprising then that Moin Uddin has been a feature of 2017 Australia GQ’s best dressed men.With a drive for perfection, consumers can expect Moin’s brand to grow fast.


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