Modobag Motorized Suitcase Allows You to Cruise Around on Your Luggage

The Modobag is a motorized scooter and FAA and TSA approved carryon bag all in one. Despite being a vehicle in itself, the Modobag has nearly as much storage space inside as any other approved carryon bag. It also includes a side pocket fitted for a laptop computer. The Modobag is sized accordingly to be stowed in an overhead bin. Even the battery it uses is approved for safe onboard air travel. At 19 lbs, the Modobag won’t exactly be the lightest piece of luggage in the cabin after packed with clothes and shoes, but after all, it is legitimately a vehicle itself.

Getting the Modobag ready for use takes only seconds. The handlebar is equipped with a throttle and handbrake, and lifts up from underneath a Velcro cover. Foot pegs deploy from each side, and the battery powered motor starts up with the flip of a switch. It’s steered using the handlebars. Due to its relatively large size compared to its small wheels, the Modobag doesn’t handle gracefully when it comes to turning. Though riders on the Modobag may appear odd, it has been praised for being fun to ride.

The Modobag Motorized Suitcase

Caption: ©Modobag – Motorized Suitcase

Modobag has a max speed of up to 8 MPH and goes a distance of up to eight miles on a full charge. A complete charge takes an hour and a half, but the Modobag includes quick charge technology that makes it possible to charge up to 80% in 15 minutes. It is sturdy enough to support riders of up to 260 lbs and has a memory foam seat.

The Chicago based founder of Modobag, Kevin O’Donnell, regularly rides it in bike lanes throughout the city. He said it’s not about making people lazier, “It’s about life efficiency.” The Modobag is currently on sale at O’Donnell’s Indiegogo campaign for $995, but will eventually hit the mainstream market for roughly $1,500.

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