Mixed Age Group- An Absurd And Unproductive Feature Of The Montessori Method Of Education- A Myth


Inside the montessori circles the phrase “blended age institution” is used frequently because that is one of the very important features of any montessori environment, irrespective of whether or not it’s miles a preschool or a primary study room. What does the term mean? Montessori, typically, reckons studying consistent with the age of the kid instead of the magnificence, grade or wellknown in which the kid research. Whilst, in a operating room, youngsters of three, 4 and 5 years of age paintings collectively without being segregated into divisions it’s far termed ‘blended age institution’. Many educationists discover this absurd and unproductive.

While there may be freedom to paintings there is freedom in training. In this sort of case the blended age institution reveals its advantages. Human lifestyles provides a picture of interdependence. Plant, animal or human existence cannot exist with out others. We will say the same of the child and grownup life. Needless to point out that individuals of any community depend upon each other. In a montessori residence of kids also this is very glaring. However this interdependence can be understood handiest when there is lots of opportunity to present and take.

Provide and take can not happen, in its real experience, if all of the participants of a network have the identical want inside the equal measure on the equal time. When the network has a combined age organization the older youngsters offer assist to the younger kids. By using giving that assist they emerge as better and stronger individuals. Receiving help gracefully comes evidently to more youthful children. In flip they provide assist to the older children also. The lecture room is a miniature global where this wholesome interplay takes location. This interplay leads to some extent of social brotherly love that turns into very seen to even an everyday eye.


Very often workers in montessori houses of kids remark how the brand new entrants to the house of children get aware of the life there specially due to how the older children endear themselves to the more youthful ones. It has been noticed that the brand new kids relax faster when helped with the aid of the older kids. This can show up only once they stay within the equal room. Nearly like magic the togetherness grows. How can this be feasible when all of the youngsters are of the equal age and feature the equal desires? Talking inside the opposite order we discover the older youngsters taking price of more youthful ones spontaneously.

The sense of obligation with which they take over amazes the observer. This is especially visible throughout the primary days of newly admitted children who’re nonetheless passing through the stage of ‘transplantation’ as it had been. Some older kids literally ‘adopt’ more youthful ones and keep themselves accountable. This situation occurs only in a combined age group. This social concord is clear and the herbal final results of that is the disappearance of any form of envy, jealousy, if there was any. Normally kids do not have those poor feelings. But, montessori could remark that those inputs come from the adults inside the surroundings.

Words apparently meant as encouragement placed these seeds into the child’s thoughts. “see, how your pal comes first inside the magnificence, see how your friends can recite all of the poems trainer has taught”, and so on. While we realize that every infant is particular we’d now not be making those comments. In a house of children the instructor has the obligation of not outwardly comparing kids. When the children make such comparisons themselves it’s far very wholesome.

Youngsters have been seen to show off their pal’s paintings. “how high-quality that is! My pal did this” is an regularly-heard statement. The mixed age group offers masses of possibility for this. Educationists frequently remark that opposition is good for improvement. Actual enough that it presents the impetus to feature and to function better. In implementing this concept, adults, very often, inn to techniques that cause bad competition. While the youngsters themselves make the comparisons it’s miles in a spirit of pleasure and appreciation. It isn’t always always that younger youngsters compete with older ones however vice versa also.

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