Milestone 10,000th Gogoro Electric Smartscooter Sold in Taipei

In a corresponding blog post for its customers, Gogoro has excitedly announced that it recently reached a huge milestone with the electric Smartscooter , as sales hit the 10,000 mark. It is worth consider how short Gogoro went from zero to 10,000 in just over a year. The consequences of this achievement might include more development from the firm especially in the battery swapping infrastructure named Gogoro Energy Network.

Caption: 10,000th Smartscooter owner Huang Zi-yuan and CEO Horace Luke at the 10,000th Smartscooter Celebration (Photo© Gogoro)

Caption: 10,000th Smartscooter owner Huang Zi-yuan and CEO Horace Luke at the 10,000th Smartscooter Celebration (Photo© Gogoro)

The 10,000th electric Smartscooter was ceremonially handed over to a freelance graphic designer Huang Zi-yuan from Taipei, in the presence of Horace Luke, Chief Executive Officer of the Gogoro. “Gogoro was just a concept last year, but now you see it on the street every day and it’s evolving. I enjoy and look forward to Gogoro’s development – it’s a realization of the future.” – Huang Zi-yuan said. Referring to the increased battery swapping network, the 10,000th Smartscooter owner added, “Everything was convenient enough then, but now it’s completely different. It seems like there are GoStations on every block.”

gogoro electric scooter

Designed and manufactured by Gogoro®, the Smartscooter™ is a high performance electric vehicle delivering a riding experience like no other. (Photo© Gogoro)

The “Tesla of Scooters”

Gogoro, commonly referred to as “Tesla of Scooters”, wowed CES with its flagship Smartscooter last year. Since launching in Taipei last August, company has established 220 charging stations network across Taiwan’s capital, with 7,000+ batteries swapped daily. Now the company plans to get its electric Smartscooters, and its urban battery charging infrastructure, into the hands of U.S. and European customers.

August 3, 2016 Berlin became “first global expansion city for Gogoro”. After Berlin, Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is to follow this year as the second European city that has a battery swapping infrastructure targeting Gogoro electric scooters. “Amsterdam really showed interest in working with Gogoro.” – said Jason Gordon, Gogoro’s VP of communications.

GoCharger can help bring Gogoro to United States

Gogoro® GoCharger™

The new Gogoro® GoCharger™ battery charging hub can be used at home or retail locations and can charge a pair of batteries simultaneously.(Photo© Gogoro)

While Smartscooter is still zigzagging through U.S. federal regulations, company plans to make it to the states later this year. Yet what works in an urban city that already has a large community of scooter drivers such as Taipei, Berlin or Amsterdam, may fail to gain traction in smaller U.S. cities , where the rural areas would make a battery swapping system highly expensive.

gogoro gostations

Gogoro’s GoStations™ are interconnected and similar in size to an ATM machine.(Photo© Gogoro)

“There are certain cities in the United States where it makes sense for Gogoro to be in: San Francisco, parts of New York, Portland or Seattle.”- says company’s VP of communications Jason Gordon. “ We could go into a market and maybe only deploy 10 GoStations, but also place 100 GoChargers at coffeeshops, restaurants, and stores, and then people could also buy chargers for their home,” he added.

gogoro app

Gogoro app helps you find the nearest charger. (Photo© Gogoro)

Gogoro will analyse collected data from the OPEN initiative enroll list and will select cities that are the most interested in hosting GoCharger stations. Company will actually hand out battery charging hubs for free to business owners, if Gogoro identifies a market with enough customers itching for one of the leading-edge electric scooters.