Microsoft's Edge on Mobile Browser to Have Fake-News Detector Feature

Microsoft’s Edge on Mobile Browser to Have Fake-News Detector Feature


Fake and Viral news that has no credibility is the biggest problem we have to tackle in this century. Thanks to Microsoft, we are getting some help to detect the fake news on random websites. The Microsoft is rolling out the update to Edge Mobile browser on the Android and iOS that will allow the users to identify the fake news. Microsoft is releasing a new extension to the Mobile Edge browser, which will automatically detect the false news that is published without any credible sources.

The inbuilt extension for Microsoft’s Edge on Mobile browser is named as “Newsguard.” The Newsguard was announced last month by Microsoft and is made in partnership with Microsoft’s Defending Democracy program. The Newsguard for Edge browser on Windows 10 is available for users from the previous month, and it’s now available for the iOS and Android users too. The feature is not turned ON by default to take false positives. If you are the one who accesses news sites regularly, then you can turn it ON from the settings and get a report on the relevancy and accuracy of the news.

The Newsguard is focused at the United States users as of now, but the prominent news publication all over the countries are included in it too. When a user visits the website, he will see the Green or Red Checkmark on the address bar beside the site. The color indicates the authenticity of the site and the news piece that you are reading. The Newsguard extension is run by humans and not the AI algorithm to avoid any false positives by the program. The program is led by Gordon Crovitz, who is the former publisher at The Wall Street Journal and Steven Brill.