Microsoft is finally going to fix its terrible Windows 10 App Store

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Microsoft is determined to revive its app store to put it at the height of the rest, but this goes through a deep facelift first.

The Windows application store is nobody’s domain, although it is part of the Microsoft ecosystem it is still a space in which almost no one searches for applications. It is not comfortable and the design is more than dated, although that can also be said for some parts of the Windows 10 interface.

However, Microsoft doesn’t want to give up and is planning a complete overhaul of the Windows app store. This facelift would go through creating it completely from scratch.

This would mean that it would not carry over all the bugs from the previous version and it could be a new beginning. It must be very good for users to change the way they interact with applications and programs in Windows, the most natural search through the browser for subsequent installation.

In its effort to revitalize the Windows application store, it would adapt to an update system in which developers would update applications using a different model that allows greater speed for the end-user.

The application monetization model would also be changed, while in the current Windows application store, the payment goes first through Microsoft’s hands, and then the developers are given their share. In the new application store, developers could use their own sales systems and thus encourage the use of this platform.

In terms of design, what you would expect to refer to Sun Valley, or, at least, that would be the logical thing to do. This aesthetic is the great visual update of Windows and something that many users have been waiting for, it could be possible that these changes come hand in hand. But we don’t know for sure and all we can do is wait.

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