Microsoft CEO Exposes Technologies That He is Betting Will Bring the Company to US$ 1 Trillion Valuation

Microsoft CEO Exposes Technologies That He is Betting Will Bring the Company to US$ 1 Trillion Valuation


Microsoft is among the few companies in history to have a $ 1 trillion valuation. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft to this enormous milestone, says he sees many opportunities for new ways to expand a business. Microsoft, formerly known primarily as the maker of software on personal computers and laptops, is now competing against a much more extensive range of enemies in high-end companies such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Business Growth Consistently Generates Reliable Financial Results for Microsoft and is a critical strategic area for Microsoft as it competes with city-based giant Amazon and its industry-leading AWS cloud business.

Now, Azure AI has 20,000 customers, and over 85% of Fortune 100 companies that have used Azure AI in the last 12 months. General commercial cloud business, which includes Azure, Office 365, and other cloud services, increased 36 percent year over year to $ 11.6 billion in the quarter. According to Mr. Nadella, the company has a “very competitive and growing presence” in business applications, “even when you think of something like Microsoft 365, we never participated despite our past success with all the great work, and now we do it,” he said.

Hood, CFO of Microsoft, said the company had established a multi-year plan to invest in areas such as compliance, security, workflow, communication, and business process reinvention. But Mr. Nadella seemed more excited about the new areas of focus that he sees as long-term growth opportunities. The workflow cloud is a credible reference to Microsoft Flow, that helps customers to automate tasks by linking applications. Microsoft, on Wednesday, posted $ 10.7 billion in profit and revenue of $ 33.1 billion in the company’s first fiscal quarter, exceeding Wall Street estimates. Despite the reliable results, Microsoft shares remained virtually unchanged in after-hours trading, hovering at around US$ 137 per share, when this article was written (24 October 2019).

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