Metro families are left with limited options after Hoverboard Recall

Hayden West, a 14-year-old child, got a hoverboard as a present on last Christmas which he had always wished for. He says when he first started taking rides on hoverboard; he fell off a few times. But now he has gained a master’s degree on how to ride a hoverboard and feels a lot more confident than before. Unfortunately, his joy might be nearing an end.


Recently, Hoverboards 360 manufacturing company, Keenford Limited from New York has issued a recall of all its hoverboards due to safety issues concerning these models. It’s not only about Keenford, but nine more companies have recalled more than half a million products as they do not meet the safety standards described under UL 2272. The companies fear that the batteries of these hoverboards can overheat and can even explode without any intimation or warning. This recall came into place because of the inquisition of more than 60 hoverboard fire cases among 20 states which has affected the property up to an extent of $2 million.


After knowing about this recall, children like Hayden are highly disappointed because they will now have to give up one thing that they loved. According to his mother Kristi West, he loves the hoverboard and they have never faced any issues with its battery; but if it is unsafe, they would better give it up.


Kristi had purchased this hoverboard for $400. Once getting the recall notice, she has called the company to either give a refund or a replacement but the company executive asked her to buy any other merchandise from the company stores of the same value. Kristi added, it is not a legitimate option to replace a hoverboard with clothes which do not interest Hayden even a bit. Other companies which are affected by this recall are offering refunds as per the statistics of Better Business Bureau. The investigators of different news channel have tried reaching Hoverboard 360’s customer service but end up getting only a recording stating to leave a voice message.

Hoverboard in NYC, by Hoverboard360

According to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), they have encountered around 84,000 hoverboards which are covered under this recall sold by Hoverboard 360. Customers are left with only one choice i.e. clothing exchange. However, they can file complaints against the company under safety commission at least for a better selection of options.