Mbappe has expressed his love for Real Madrid in a different way

Mbappe spent a week eating bananas to see Ronaldo


Finally on the market is L. J. Mapel Killian. Killian Mbappe tells the story of her upbringing in this autobiographical comic. Football fans have seen several pages of this book called ‘My name is Killian’. However, J’Mapel Killian officially hit the market yesterday. Mbappe also revealed another piece of information about himself at a book launch in Paris.

At the age of 14, Mbappe visited Real Madrid’s academy. Real wanted to get this talent at that age. Mbappe has spent his entire stay at Real Madrid’s Academy Valdebas eating bananas.
Pulling a team of big stars is a lot of work. The current club has to pay for the transfer. Player agents and players have to pay huge bonuses, and they have to think about how they will adapt to the other stars of the team. It is more convenient to bring in talented players at a young age. 15-year-old Martin Odegard settled in Real Madrid after touring many academies across Europe.

At the age of 14 Neymar also gave a similar trial in a club in Madrid. Real also wanted to get Neymar at the end of the two-week trial. But Neymar did not go to Real Madrid because his father did not meet his financial needs. Like Neymar, Mbappe was shown around the academy by Real at the age of 14. However, the extent to which Real was interested in Mbopp was found in a different way. Real used his two role models Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo to persuade the teenager.

Mbappe is quite excited about that chapter of his life in his comics. The 233-page comics with Faro drawing comics has raised the issue of Real Madrid several times. The comics also mention the gift of a Real Madrid jersey from his mother as a child and the portrait of Santiago Bernabeu on another birthday. The dream of going to a Spanish club, which you have been dreaming of since childhood, has been realized in comics.

However, the most significant part of his book is the story of Ronaldo-Zidane meeting at the age of 14. The topic of meeting the stars of dreams has been given in several pages. That topic also came up in the publication program yesterday. “When I was 14, Zidane invited me to spend some time in Madrid,” he told The Parisian. It’s a dream come true for a kid of that age. Zidane was the ideal of a country, of an entire generation, he will remain an ideal. At the age of 14 you are nobody, when he addresses me like this, it is the best moment of life. It’s something unique. I still remember everything that happened, it was so shocking. ‘

Of course, everyone knows the story of Mbapp’s good journey. Zidane himself drove Mbappe to Real’s academy. That topic came up again yesterday, ‘What was the funniest thing I did while in Madrid? Oh, yes. I ate bananas all week. I was very scared. Zidane invites one of Bondi’s sons to board his car. I didn’t know how to talk. What I thought at first … was a wonderful moment. Did I offer to take off my shoes? Yes, inside the car. But I will not say more, then no one will read the book. ‘

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