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American Mattress Stores in Chicago

American Mattress Stores in Chicago

American Mattress is a local retail chain that sells brand-name mattresses and adjustable bed frames and futons. The chain has locations in Lincoln Park, Ranch Triangle and Mid-North District. American Mattress sells mattresses as well as pillows, bed frames adjustable beds, as well as pillows frames.

iComfort mattresses

If you are looking for an alternative mattress, you should consider the iComfort mattress from Serta. These mattresses are very popular and are now available in Chicago through American Mattress Stores. The chain of sleep stores also includes iComfort stores, which provide a personalized, technology-assisted shopping experience.

The company is located in Chicago and offers mattresses in various prices. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a well-trained sales team. It also offers special financing options as well as free delivery for orders above $499. The company was founded in the southern U.S., but has recently expanded its distribution by purchasing the Sleepy’s chain. In recent years the company has become a major player in the mattress market. However in a bankruptcy filing the company owes millions dollars to suppliers.

The company is family-owned and has a large selection of mattresses and futons. The sales staff is well-trained to help you select the right mattress for you. The majority of stores provide special financing, free delivery and a sleep-test kit to help you choose the best mattress for you. This is a great option local businesses can obtain a comfortable mattress. The stores are easily accessible in major cities across America.

The iComfort mattresses are made by Serta the leading brand in luxury and comfort mattresses. They come with a variety of firmness choices and are available in all types and sizes of mattresses. iComfort mattresses are available in a variety of prices, from $1199 to $2499 and are constructed with premium foams.

Purple mattresses

Purple is a name brand of mattress that provides high-quality comfort products. These mattresses utilize the company’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology to provide outstanding pressure relief. Purple also has pillows and bedding to match the mattresses. The online store of the company offers 100 nights of risk-free trial.

The company has several locations throughout the city. They offer a variety of mattresses, including spring mattresses and memory foam. They also offer adjustable mattresses to accommodate different needs for sleep. Anyone who wants to test Purple mattresses might need to schedule an appointment with one of these locations. They also provide flexible payment plans to their customers, so there’s no requirement to pay full price in advance.

The Purple Hybrid features a layer of foam and coils. It also has a 2-inch layer of GelFlex Grid, which provides back support and a cushioned feeling. It also has a 4-inch layer of high-density foam. The cost for the queen size starts at $2,399, however there is a smaller twin size available.

Purple gives a free 100-day trial period. If a purchaser isn’t satisfied with the quality of the Purple mattress, they can exchange it for another one that is of equal or greater value. However, after the trial period is over, the customer will have to pay for the difference. Moreover, this free trial does not apply to special orders, out-of-state delivery and adjustable bases. It also does not apply to several other products. There are no credit for items that have been returned.

The company offers a broad selection of bed frames and mattresses. It also sells box springs as well as other bedroom essentials. There are a variety of well-known brands that are sold in the stores. A sleep test kit is available at any of the stores so that customers can try the mattress.

96 American Mattress stores in Chicago

American Mattress is a locally owned and operated mattress store that specialises in name brand mattresses, futons, pillows and mattress protectors. One of its Chicago locations can be found close to Beverly and E 53rd Street. If you’re thinking of purchasing a mattress, you might consider testing it in one of its stores prior to making a decision. To ensure safety for you and your family, each store has a sleep test kit.

Mattress stores typically have lower overhead because they sell factory direct products and pay commission-based wages. Mattress stores can be profitable, even if it is only half the inventory. Sam Woods, Senior Vice-President of Sales at Mattress Firm, says that selling three to four beds per day could generate more revenue than $4,000 and even more than a million dollars annually.

You can also search for the address of the nearest store by entering the zip code or address into the search box. You can also send an email to the company asking for details about a particular store. If you are looking to purchase mattresses online, you can find the online store. You can also find the phone number and opening hours. It’s possible to have to drive up to five miles to visit one of these stores.

Plans to add another 25

It is not unusual to plan to open 25 more American Mattress Stores here in Chicago. Many retailers have expanded into new markets and the mattress industry is no exception. In fact, revenue for the industry has never been higher according to the IBISWorld report. The company is cautious about overcrowding in areas with too many stores. In addition, the firm recently revealed a drop of 36 percent in its first-quarter profit, which suggests that the mattress industry overall is in a period of slowdown and correction.

The company’s plans to open 25 stores in the coming year is a major expansion. According to the company, it’s the largest expansion in the company’s history. At present, there are five American Mattress Stores in Chicago. The expansion strategy of the company could be in response to the recent expansion of Sleepy’s Chicago.

Since mattresses are low-cost and are relatively low-cost, the market is growing. Because they sell factory direct products most mattress stores charge a low commission. This allows them to sustain large showrooms and have a few employees. Mattresses are also durable products. When you loved this information and you wish to receive more details about mattress stores in chicago illinois generously visit the page. They are usually replaced every ten years, which means consumers can be flexible when it comes to changing their mattress.

Since the beginning of the year, plans for add 25 more American Mattress Stores locations to Chicago are in the making. The company has been looking at the market for new stores. It has already purchased Sleep America, founded in 1997 by Debbie Gaby. At the time of the acquisition Sleep America had thirty stores. These stores are now Mattress Firm stores, while the rest are used as clearance centers.

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