City won by Sterling's goal

Manchester City held the top spot in the league with a controversial penalty


Manchester City showed dominance in the match. Pep Guardiola’s team has done everything to attack Etihad from start to finish. Even if City won the match by 3-4 goals, no one would have objected. But someone has to score that goal. City could not score even after getting one chance after another. In the end, a controversial second-half penalty gave City the win. Manchester City held the top spot in the league with a 1-0 win over the Wolves at home.

City have released Sergio Aguero this season. The team tried to buy a striker in his place. But his club Tottenham did not agree to leave the main target Harry Kane. City rivals Manchester United also pulled Cristiano Ronaldo off at the last minute. In the absence of a skilled goalkeeper, Guardiola has changed his tactics a bit.

Manchester City have always used the wing to create chances in the box. Guardiola has been using the wing this season as well, but the two are using False Nine in the formation as Aguero is not in the box. Whose constant swaps in place create confusion in defending opponents. Using the subtle gaps that result, a winger enters the box and finishes the job.

Today, the defense of the Wolves has pretty much rendered this strategy useless. City had possession of the ball 63 percent of the time in the match, Guardiola’s followers took 23 shots, but they did not score in the open play. If the penalty had not been extended in the 8th minute of the match, the victory might not have been won. Bernardo Silva crossed. And it fell into the hands of Moutinho, who was in the box. Referee John Moss ruled in favor of the penalty.


The video assistant referee (VAR) did not change his mind after watching the replay. Although the replay seemed to be, the ball first hit Moutinio and then his hand, and that too seemed to hit his arm. But the VAR assistant kept the decision unchanged as he did not get a strong argument to change the referee’s decision. Rahim Sterling scored from the penalty spot.

The match was tilted towards City from the beginning. In the added time of the first half, Raul Himenez, the best player of the team, took away all the chances of the Wolves in this match. In the 48th minute, Rodri was fouled in the middle and saw a yellow card. As a result, City got a free-kick. Himenez stood in front of the ball to block the free-kick. Rodri’s free-kick was blocked by the foot like a fool and he ate the second yellow card. In just 31 seconds, the Wolves became the team of 10 with these two yellow cards.

In this victory, City remained at the top with 36 points in 16 matches. On the other hand, Liverpool and Chelsea are in two and three with 34 and 33 points after playing less than one match.

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