Mamata aims to build a secular India

Mamata aims to build a secular India


Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee has announced a new entry into Indian politics. He said his goal this time would be to build a secular India. This time, the BJP has failed to govern the country, sowing only the seeds of bigotry.

Mamata feels that the Congress has failed in politics, failed to build a fight against the BJP. On the other hand, the secular forces in India have now come to realize that the only alternative force for the BJP and the Congress in India is the Trinamool Congress to bring about the emergence of secular forces at the national level. And with that goal, the Trinamool Congress is now coming down to the ground with new energy. Especially after the landslide victory of the Trinamool Congress in this year’s West Bengal State Assembly, the Trinamool Congress has started realizing that it is no longer the BJP-Congress; This time the grassroots is the alternative of the country.

With these goals in mind

Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee sat down at a meeting of the Trinamool Working Committee at her Kalighat office in South Kolkata on Monday evening. The purpose of the meeting was to take necessary decisions for the expansion of grassroots across the country. The meeting was attended by 21 members of the working committee of the Trinamool Congress. Also present were former Union Minister for Bihar Trinamool Jaswant Singh, former Chief Minister of Meghalaya and newly joined Trinamool Congress Mukul Sangma, Trinamool Congressman Ashok Tanwar from Haryana Congress, Pawan Burma of Bihar United Janata Party and former Indian tennis star.

Earlier, former Goa chief minister Luisinho Faleiro, former Assam Congress MP Sushmita Dev and several other Congress and BJP leaders joined the grassroots. Alema Churchill, MLA of Goa NCP, arrived in Kolkata yesterday. He is scheduled to officially join the grassroots on Tuesday.

In this meeting Mamata informed that Trinamool is growing now. According to meeting sources, Mamata told the meeting, “People of the country now want grassroots. So now we have to be proactive in spreading the Trinamool Congress across the country. The Trinamool Congress has to be formed in every state. ‘

After the working committee meeting, Trinamool central spokesperson and Rajya Sabha Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien said, “We need to strengthen our party in the fight against the BJP. We have to spread grassroots across the country. The team is growing now. We are the growing party. Trinamool will show the way to the whole country in 2024. The next Lok Sabha elections will be held in the same year. Therefore, in order to increase the strength of the grassroots at the all-party level, now our party has to take the grassroots to the field.

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