Makho, angry at Boris's letter, canceled the meeting with Preeti

Makho, angry at Boris’s letter, canceled the meeting with Preeti


French President Emmanuel Macho has said that the United Kingdom should pay more attention to the flow of immigrants to the English Channel or stay away from such discussions. Makhon made the remarks in response to a letter from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday.

Earlier, in a letter to the French president, Boris said immigrants arriving in the UK through the English Channel would have to be repatriated. In a letter, the British prime minister called for five steps to be taken to prevent a catastrophe that left 26 people dead.

Political tensions between the United Kingdom and France are rising after 28 migrants were killed in a boat sinking on the English Channel last Wednesday. Within hours of the British Prime Minister’s letter to the French President being published on social media, the French government’s anger became clear.

Boris Johnson blamed France, saying France had agreed to a joint patrol on the coast.

In addition, the English Channel spoke about the repatriation of migrants. Following the letter, France canceled a scheduled meeting with UK Home Secretary Preity Zinta. The meeting was scheduled for Sunday in Calais. Makhon said there would be meetings with Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the European Commission.

Speaking at a news conference in Rome, Makhon said EU ministers would hold meetings with important people. Then it will be seen how to move forward with the British in a more effective way. Of course, it depends on whether they take the issue seriously or not.

Britain has been accused by France of handling immigration so badly. “Boris Johnson’s tweet has been taken lightly for managing the immigration problem,” Makhon said. “I am amazed when something is not done seriously,” he said. We do not communicate with leaders through tweets or published letters. We are not whistle blowers. ”

London, meanwhile, says Paris will reconsider.

UK Transport Minister Grant Schapps said: “No nation can deal with this alone and I hope the French will reconsider.

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