Major Banking Facets in UAE

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Banking today includes too many from private banking, corporate banking, investment banking, priority family banking, administration of treasury, etc.

Over the years, banking has changed from conventional deposits and loans to much more. The major facets of the banking industry are private banking, priority family banking, and retail banking and let’s look at them.

Priority Family Banking Structure

What is a Family Banking Structure, we are often asked? The Family Banking System is a well-established system of measures and techniques which are used in decades as Infinite Banking or Infinite Banking. The contract is drawn up for a variety of permanent life insurance plans which are appropriately designed, usually against you and your family members. No, this isn’t just some life insurance sales pitch or plan. This is a tool that rich people, banks, and companies have used for decades to construct and maintain capital.

The basic idea is that you overfund your policy and spend as much money as you can while also avoiding the policy being so-called MEC or Modified Endowment Contract. When you pay contributions to the scheme during the first processor capitalization cycle, you create cash value for bank usage in the second phase. Instead of getting a loan from a financial institution, we mean that you can use the fund to support big-dollar buyouts for your family and company. This is because you want to recapture the flows of capital that we have spoken about before.

Priority Banking Minimum Balance

Priority banking minimum balance applies to the balance you would maintain in your account in order to gain from family banks. The minimum balance of priority banking varies between the banks.

Private Banking V. Retail Banking

As the name means, private banking requires highly advanced banking. This is specifically designed for High Networth people and will also include asset and investment management.

Taking account of tax obligations and portfolio diversifications, for example, high net worth individuals may require customized banking. This is where private banking is on the agenda. As already mentioned, it is a very personal style of the bank, and when it comes to private banking it provides the utmost service.

Retail banking comprises nearly all aspects of banks that people conduct on a daily basis. This covers personal credits, credit cards, overdrafts, checking plans, etc.

Retail banking thus encompasses nearly every part of banking every day.

Opt For Private Banking

You should look at private banking if you are a high-network guy who has little time in handling his financial assets. You will be directed by a personalized banker to schedule and spend, to consider tax responsibility, portfolio diversification, asset allocation plans, etc.

On the other hand, you may choose to handle your wealth yourself if your finances are not ample.


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