LUNA Airdrop

LUNA Airdrop: Everything You Need to Know


Are you a newbie in the Terra blockchain? Well, first of all, congratulations, you have made the right choice. Being in the crypto world requires you to make many decisions that will alter your investments positively. So, with Terra, you are good to go.

This platform offers you various crypto finance solutions and also works well with stablecoins. LUNA is the native token on the Terra blockchain. The investor can simply stake LUNA and unlock what we call LUNA airdrop. The aim of this is to bring awareness about LUNA to all newbies. This is truly a thrilling thing for you, isn’t it?

And we are sure that you want to learn everything about a LUNA airdrop. This is why we have provided a simple guide.

What Is a LUNA Airdrop?

First things first, what are airdrops? The answer is simple, and spoiler alert, airdrops are free money. This free money referred to as airdrops is rewarded to newbies in the form of newly minted crypto. A LUNA airdrop is, therefore, the free and newly minted crypto given to all LUNA stakers, whether newbies or not. It is meant to motivate them to continue staking LUNA.

Where Can I Enjoy LUNA Airdrops?

After learning what a LUNA airdrop is, we are sure the next thing that comes to your mind is this. Guess what, we are about to disclose a very big secret. Well, it is not really a secret, but maybe we can just call it good news. Here are some recommended platforms where you can easily enjoy a LUNA airdrop.

l  Loop – Loop is a famous marketplace for cryptocurrency. It works with various blockchains such as Terra. It also deals with different coins and protocols. This is good news for you as you can simply register and immediately start staking your LUNA to get rewarded with LUNA airdrops.

l  Terra blockchain – This is, of course, the main platform where you can stake LUNA. If you are new to the crypto world, we recommend you try this platform. It has easy-to-follow steps, and before you know it, you will have your LUNA airdrop in your crypto wallet.

l  Binance – This platform is involved in many beneficial activities. Some of them are the CeFi and the DeFi exchanges. With the DeFi exchange, you can simply stake LUNA. As you continue with the process, be sure to get rewarded with a LUNA airdrop. This is how simple it is with Binance.

Types of LUNA Airdrop Opportunities

There are two major types of LUNA airdrop that you can be rewarded with. One is a genesis airdrop. These are the airdrops rewarded to new investors. There have been a lot of projects launched by Terra. One way of keeping new investors is by rewarding them with these genesis airdrops.

Secondly, we have weekly airdrops. They are airdrops earned by the investor when they stake LUNA using their Terra money. Well, weekly airdrops are not as large as genesis airdrops, but they are rewarded more often.

Summing It Up

Hopefully, you have learned all you need to know about the LUNA airdrop. You know what it is, the platforms where you can claim it, and the types of airdrops available. The only step you need to take is to start staking LUNA to earn LUNA airdrops.

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