Logical Flaw With Mandatory Attendance In Higher Education


Jnu student’s warfare in opposition to mandatory attendance isn’t a fight for unique remedy to jnu however this is fight against a machine which is not most effective logically flawed however additionally risky to innovations in instructional excellence. Let’s begin from the very beginning of the system of the attendance. Need of attendance comes best while you need to force a person to wait an event in which she is not interested. And if you need her to wait that event you have two remedies. Both pressure her thru punitive approach or make the occasion thrilling. Both remedies are top in keeping with circumstances.

An person makes picks on the idea of her options. A wage worker would opt for (or detached) $500 towards five hrs of leisure. Consequently if you need her to attend an occasion of five hrs or much less you may implement a first-class of $500 for no longer attending the occasion and you may see her presence in the event. But this punitive treatment doesn’t paintings with college students who are mature. Here selections are changed.

A scholar has three selections; enjoyment, class attendance or self study. Quantity of enjoyment is exogenously determined by way of aspirations of the scholar. A scholar would like to spend her 10,12 or 15 hrs/day in have a look at in line with her aspirations. In a top varsity wherein college students are decided on on the premise of merit there may be no questions of low aspirations. A pupil divides her to be had study hrs after enjoyment in components; attending training and self look at. Proportion of study time devoted to attending classes is determined by means of only one parameter, productivity of class w. R. T. Self study and is positively associated.


This relative productiveness is feature of excellent of schooling disbursed inside the class and absolute productiveness of student’s self take a look at. Relative productivity of sophistication may be expanded either by way of improving absolute productiveness of class or by means of lowering absolute productiveness of scholar. 2nd choice is honestly no longer a feasible solution. Therefore we are left with best one solution and this is to enhance absolute productiveness of the elegance. A rational pupil won’t like to attend a class which relative productiveness is much less than 1 i. E. Productivity of sophistication is less than that of self have a look at.

How can someone who claims to be a nationalist and well wisher of college students and the university can force a scholar to decrease her internet productiveness, which is last cease of education. Productiveness of all classes can’t be same and a pupil voluntary attend all the ones classes which relative productiveness is extra than 1. There is no want of any mandatory attendance unless relative productivity of a category is much less than 1. On the premise of above dialogue we have reviews. First make attendance compulsory on the value of fall in student’s internet productivity. And 2d is, make attendance voluntary and take measures to growth productivity of those classes which relative productivity is less than 1 to boom the quantity of students within the class. Voluntary attendance system is self improving i. E. Even supposing no measures are taken to enhance productiveness of the magnificence, in this system a fall in students’ presence within the magnificence forces trainer to enhance her coaching to draw greater students.

Voluntary attendance machine is similar to aggressive markets wherein instructors compete with each other to draw extra students, that is most effective supply of prestige for a teacher. Opposite to this, obligatory attendance has similarities to monopolistic market wherein there won’t have any incentive to enhance coaching. This version is based on the assumption that students are mature, rational and have excessive aspirations, which isn’t always a tautology. Thus before applying this version to any group of college students we have to take a look at whether or not above assumptions are fulfilled by way of the organization or no longer.

Faculty students clearly don’t fulfill first assumption. Undergraduate and postgraduate college students of lower ranking universities wherein lower advantage students have a look at doesn’t satisfy third assumption. But universities of better ranking and studies college students of all universities usually fulfill all assumptions. As a result voluntary attendance is the nice coverage for all research students and universities of higher ranking. Actual wide variety of universities which can be dealt with as excessive ranking universities differs from us of a to u . S . A .. However universities representing top five-10 (in my opinion)% of college students of any subject may be treated as high rating universities.

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