The lockdown has been in effect in Austria since Monday

Lockdown in Austria ignoring protests


Protests continue in several European countries against the imposition of new restrictions to prevent coronavirus infection. In the meantime, Austria has started a full national lockdown. Austrian citizens have been instructed to work from home since midnight local time last Monday.

Shops other than essentials have been closed. News from the BBC.
Recently, the incidence of new corona has started to increase in Europe. New restrictions are being imposed in various European countries to stem the tide of infection. People from several countries including Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Croatia have taken to the streets to protest against these restrictions.

In the meantime, Austria has implemented the lockdown since last Monday night. This is the fourth lockdown in the country since the Corona epidemic began. The new lockdown will be effective till December 12. During this time all restaurants, bars, saloons and theaters will be closed. Only grocery stores will be open. However, Austrian authorities said they would assess the situation in 10 days.

Regional Director of the World Health Organization on Saturday. In an interview with the BBC, AnsĀ  said that another 500,000 people could die of corona infection by next spring if strictures are not imposed across Europe. Last week, Austria passed a law mandating corona vaccination. The law is expected to take effect in February. Neighboring Germany’s politicians are discussing similar measures.

Thousands protested in the Austrian capital, Vienna, before the lockdown took effect.

The BBC reports that about 85% of the total population of Austria has taken the full dose of the corona vaccine. Vaccination rates in Austria are much lower than in Western European countries. The number of vaccinations in the country has increased significantly since November. However, some people are still hesitant about getting vaccinated. In addition to Austria, several other European countries have been protesting for days against the Corona ban.

Thousands protest in the heart of the Belgian capital, Brussels. They are protesting against the rule of not allowing entry into various cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers without vaccination pass. According to a BBC report, the protesters were protesting peacefully. However, clashes erupted when some of them hurled stones and firecrackers at the police.

Local time last Sunday night was the third day of protests in the Netherlands. A primary school in the town of Rusendal was set on fire that day. Police later arrested 15 people from the city.

Thousands protested in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, on Saturday. Nearly 1,000 people have protested in Copenhagen, Denmark, against making vaccinations compulsory for government workers to enter the workplace.

Protests have erupted in the French island of Guadeloupe to make vaccination compulsory for health workers and to increase fuel prices. There were also incidents of looting and vandalism. On Sunday, 36 people were arrested from the island area.

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