Livall Smart Cycling Helmet Makes Riding Safer

Recent statistics show that the number of riders wearing cycling helmets has steady increased. Over the past ten years experts say helmet use has risen by 70%. It’s clear that people are now taking safety more seriously. And reasons for wearing a helmet are obvious. It’s for your own safety. Why would you not?

LIVALL Cycling Helmet : Smart, Safe and Simple

Today’s cycling helmets are effective at doing what they were invented to do – prevent skull fractions and brain bleeds. But there are not much available in terms of innovation and technology. That’s where Livall Riding comes in. A company that’s turning smart cycling helmet design on its head.

Livall Riding invented a smart cycling helmet, which is designed to address communication, entertainment and safety challenges better than regular helmets. Smart helmets manufacturer, Livall Riding, have launched the new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to rise funds for its latest invention Livall Cycling Helmet, which they say is making cycling safer, more convenient and interesting than ever. The company has a roster of Indiegogo backers and cycling enthusiasts supporting its current efforts.

So how is the Livall smart helmet different from any other helmet on the market?

  • Livall smart helmet features warning lights built into the back of the helmet, built in SOS 3D gravity sensor and a real time heart rate monitor, which is quite different than other helmets on the market.
  • Riders can also play music via integrated Bluetooth HI-FI speakers from their mobile devices and make calls using integrated windproof microphone.
  • Livall smart helmet also allows riders to communicate with other smart helmet users at the touch of a button.
livall smart cycling helmet

Caption: Livall smart cycling helmet (Photo, Livall Riding)

Livall back lights

Some would argue that a downside to this development is that it could give riders a full sense of security. But it could be that it’s how people are behaving on the roads, rather than the safety equipment they wear, that could make the difference between life and death. In the meantime, it can’t hurt to buckle up.