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List Of Top 10 CA Firms For CA Articleship Vacancies In India


An articleship or internship is one of the most important aspects of Chartered Accountancy. It is during this phase that aspiring Chartered Accountants learn to implement the knowledge that they have garnered. The selection of a proper CA firm for CA articleship vacancies is very important as the knowledge learned during that period will shape their careers. While there is no shortage of CA firms in India, the following provides the best opportunity for them to learn:

Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co

One of India’s largest firms with a multi-disciplinary practice field, Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co, allows a learning experience in diverse and varied topics for its interns. A diverse group consisting of young partners and seasoned professionals provide correct guidance and mentoring to the young interns.


The International giant is one of the favoured CA firms for internship or articleship for students in the CA field. The firm has various divisions wherein one can gain expert knowledge and invaluable experience during their articleship. 


The English multinational CA firm has its roots worldwide and allows for a unique learning experience. CA articleship vacancies in the firm are very competitive as various students are vying for a spot in the rung. The firm also provides multi-disciplinary services, but the student’s exposure may be limited to one field.

Grant Thornton

A part of the Big 6 of Indian CA firms, Grant Thornton is an American firm with branches worldwide. The CA firm provides all possible services, and the intern can choose amongst varied fields wherein they want to get exposure. Articles in Grant Thornton would be a unique learning experience due to their client base and varied services.

BDO India

The firm from the United Kingdom is known in India as BDO India LLP and is considered part of the Big 6 in India. Being a part of the International network of the BDO group, internship, or articleship in the CA firm would allow for international exposure for a student.


One of the most reputed and oldest CA firms globally, Deloitte offers experience and legacy as an offering to its students. An internship at Deloitte provides access to the corporate culture and an opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals working with the firm currently.


The fourth member of the perceived Big 4, Price Waterhouse and Cooper, or PWC as it is commonly known, is a globally renowned CA firm. The firm specializes in advisory, tax, and regulatory services and allows any student to gain knowledge regarding the same. 

S S Kothari & Co

The Indian CA firm has around 70 years of experience and remains one of India’s top firms. The company has offices around India and a headquarter in Delhi. Its long history and experience allow the students and interns to gain experience and important lessons for career and life.

S.R. Dinodia & Co

S.R. Dinodia & Co was established in 1952 and offers services largely in the regulatory, advisory, and taxation field. The CA firm has a strong leadership group and allows the students to learn varied concepts.

RSM International

A network of various accounting firms around the world, the CA firm was established in 1964. The firm has offices in around 120 countries and a staff that is above 48,000. CA articleship vacancies in the firm would allow the student access to such multi-country experience and knowledge.

Articleship or internship is what shapes a CA student and their future in their chosen path. Selection of a proper CA firm for one’s articleship is hence of paramount importance. While this is not exhaustive, the CA firms mentioned above would ensure that you get the best exposure and knowledge.

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