LG’s First True Wireless Earbuds Finally Available In US Market


South Korean home electronics company LG’s first true wireless earbuds are now available in the US market. According to the company’s site, the Tone Free buds carry a price tag of USD 200. LG-authorized retailers in the US will start offering the new self-cleaning true wireless earbuds from January 11. LG is well known for offering a wide range of home appliances, entertainment products, mobile phones, and others. The company’s new in-ear and on-ear wireless headphone sport a similar design to the Sony WF-1000XM3. The Seoul based company launched the product last year in South Korea. The earbuds are available in black and white colors.

Like other wireless earbuds, LG’s first true wireless earbuds too have a charging unit. It is built into the case of the earbuds. The Tone Free earbuds use UV light inside the case of headphones. This sanitizes earbuds by killing bacteria and germs. LG says it can be used for up to six hours on a single charge. It has also the fast charging feature. The company claims users can get up to an hour of use by just putting it in an electrical socket for five minutes. It is equipped with both voice and noise-reducing microphones. The earbuds provide clearer call quality by cutting noise. It easily recognizes and analyzes the voice and noise coming from each microphone and then minimizes the unwanted ambience.

The IPX4-certified water resistance earbuds come with touch controls and Google Assistant integration. This means users can enjoy listening to music even in the rain. The touchpads mounted on both sides allow users of various functions. Users can call, play and stop the music. They can also get access to the Google Assistant. To ask questions or make requests using the Voice Command feature, users will have to press and hold the touchpad. LG said the new style of wireless earbuds combines innovative design and premium sound with Meridian audio technology. It applies advanced signal processing and tuning technology to deliver an excellent listening experience to users with rich bass.