Leadership Education – Motivate Your Child To Love Learning, Focus On The Process, Not The Product


Can we just be real for a minute. With regards to plunking down with our youngsters to finish some schoolwork, the majority of us need to completely finish quickly.

Doing schoolwork, whether it’s for conventional school or for self-teaching, is typically dreadful, particularly when the kid is battling with the subject, and has no interest at all in the substance you are attempting to push down his throat.

Might you at any point relate? How in the world will you at any point get little Johnny to peruse or compose well? For what reason in all actuality does little Sue generally cry with regards to doing math? Is this the standard, or might we at some point potentially figure out how to rouse them to learn with bliss?

Simply think about the accompanying situation: Father is attempting to help little Johnny, who is experiencing difficulty with his schoolwork.

Without reconsidering, father’s main objective will be to complete that schoolwork in a respectable manner, and as quickly as time permits. All things considered, there’s a football match-up in two hours, and he would rather not miss it. He could try and take Johnny along Assuming he gets his work done well!


Furthermore, this is where the vast majority of us miss it. The subconscious prompt of the guardians mentality is: We should completely finish as quick as could be expected, and how about we do it sufficient to fulfill instructor.

Simply consider it. What you are truly focussing on is the final result of your work. Have you at any point asked yourself what occurs in Johnny’s heart while he is working with you?

Could it be said that he is truly learning the manner in which he ought to? Is his mentality right?

Assuming you have been helping him to get his work done along these lines, it’s likely not.

You are training him to create an outcome that will put forth his attempts seem to be an educational experience. Be that as it may, truly it is a fake one.

The best way to change this is by focussing on the method involved with advancing instead of the final result itself. We as need might arise to ask ourselves what is happening in our youngster’s heart while he is getting his work done.

Does he comprehend what he is doing, and the way in which this connects with his life?
Is it safe to say that he is content during the interaction?
Is it safe to say that he is encountering achievement or rout while he’s handling the subject?
Could it be said that you are imparting a sound propensity for determination and of chasing after greatness in your kid?

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