Kohli and BCCI face off for ODI captaincy

Kohli can’t say that, says a BCCI official


Virat Kohli and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) are facing off after he was removed from the ODI captaincy. Legendary Indian captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly said Kohli had been asked not to relinquish his T20 captaincy. They did not want to keep two separate captains in limited overs as he did not keep the request.

But Kohli says the request to step down is a far cry from his decision to step down as T20I captain. At a press conference today, Kohli also claimed that he was being removed from the ODI captaincy, an hour and a half before the meeting with the BCCI.

However, the BCCI is claiming that Kohli is not right. In tune with Sourav, a BCCI official said that what Kohli had said about stepping down as T20 captain was not correct. The official also denied Kohli’s claim that he had not been informed earlier.

Kohli opened his mouth for the first time today after losing the ODI captaincy. Speaking at a press conference ahead of the tour of South Africa today, Kohli said the BCCI had taken the decision to step down from its T20 captaincy “well.” What is my point of view, what is the reason behind the decision, it was well received at that time. (BCCI) did not think anything, they had no hesitation in this matter. I was not told not to leave; Rather, it was welcomed. That being said, it’s the right thing to do. “

The above statement of Kohli is in conflict with the statement made by Ganguly a few days ago. Kohli also said that even an hour and a half before the official statement came, he did not know about leaving the ODI captaincy. After leaving the leadership of T20, he did not have any contact with the BCCI!

However, a BCCI official told India Today, “We did not inform him, Virat Kohli cannot say that. Talking to him in September, he was not allowed to leave the T20 captaincy. When he left on his own, it was difficult for us to have two white captains. ‘

According to Kohli, an hour and a half before the start of the team selection meeting on December 6, the BCCI announced his removal from the ODI captaincy. However, the BCCI official said differently, “Chetan Sharma (chief selector) told Virat about the ODI captaincy on the morning of the meeting.”

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