Know the Causes of Water Coming up in the Sink

Know the Causes of Water Coming up in the Sink | Time to Call Plumber in Gold Coast


The sink drain is one of the biggest issues in a building’s plumbing system. Many times the main plumbing component, such as the main drain line, gets clogged; thus, water remains out. Whenever the water is backing up instead of going through the pipes, the problem is more often related to the sink. 

Surely it disturbs when water backs up in the sink. Better to call a plumber near you before the pipe burst out or get damaged. Let’s know some causes that stop the water flow and come up in the sink!

Kitchen Sink Drains

Do you know the kitchen sink and dishwasher drain through a similar pipe? This is one of the reasons that water comes up into the kitchen sink when discharging from the dishwasher. 

Moreover, the dishwasher put out a large amount of water in a short period, impacting pipes unable to bear the volume of water. The cases are mainly noted when the dishwasher is replaced that holds a strong pump. 

With time, pipes slowly accumulated solid dirt such as food waste, hair, etc. Thus, block the flow of water. The pipes are attached in some or another way to the outdoors, in which the garbage disposal also becomes one major reason for kitchen sink clogs. 

Clogged Sink Traps

Sink traps are generally installed under sinks. They are located at each fixture. These traps offer useful service by keeping sewer gas out of the building. However, the presence of a certain quantity of water can prevent sewer gas from making its way up and out of the sink drain. 

Your bathroom sink traps are blocked due to hair. As hair starts accumulating in the sink traps, the flow of water is restricted. You can place a hair catcher in the bathroom to not let hair & other particles clog the traps. If facing this issue frequently, then find the best plumber in Gold Coast to offer an effective solution. 

Clogged Main Drain Line

You must know that all sinks and fixtures end up draining into a master drain line. The line is attached to a septic system. The accumulated solid waste goes down the building’s drains and ends up in the main drain line. Thus, stop the water from flowing properly and backing up into the building fixtures.

Clogged Vent Pipe

Undoubtedly, each fixture requires venting. The venting allows the system to pass the air that aids the plumbing lines to flow smoothly. Even a partially blocked vent pipe will cause the water to go slowly or not at all.

In the End

These are some major reasons that break down the sink system. Good if you know how to resolve the issues on your own. But make sure to not take the issue at the extreme, call the nearest plumber and avail service. The more you’ll delay, the more it will cost you. 

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