Kiwano KO-X Hoverboard Cancelled;Refunds Being Issued

Kiwano,smart self-Balancing scooters retailer, said it has stopped distributing KO-X hoverboard and has begun offering full refunds to majority customers who had purchased them.

Kiwano self-balancing scooter KO-x

Caption: ©Kiwano KO-X self-balancing scooter

In a statement issued on August 11, 2016, company said: “KIWANO was created with the idea that there should be a safe and reliable self-balancing electric scooter on the market that can take people from point A to point B, regardless of what type of terrain happens in between.” Kiwano continued, “This idea was so on point with consumer demands that businesses and individuals made impersonations and replications; this ruins the possibility of KIWANO KO-X reaching its full potential due to this being the first product we have produced as a new brand. ”

According the statement, it has become too difficult for company to guarantee quality of the gadget, mainly because Kiwano became a victim of a counterfeit products: “There have been several manufacturing issues, many fakes, copycats, and complications associated with trying to deliver OUR superior product before anyone else. However, we can no longer fight this battle. “ the company added.

Self-balancing scooter KIWANO KO-X got a lot of hype from the likes of PC Magazine, Digital Trends and even CNET.

Kiwano promised to return in 2017 with something new and innovative: ” We are excited about the prospect of launching something NEW and INNOVATIVE in the electric mobility category in early 2017. Learning from the difficulties faced with producing the KIWANO KO-X, we are confident about our ability to avoid any future dilemmas.”