KickStick: New Handheld Device Allows Skateboarders to Reach 30 mph

A new product will soon be available that “gives your skateboard the power of a go-kart.” The Kick Stick is a handheld apparatus that propels the rider to speeds exceeding 30 mph. Rise Robotics designed the device as a step toward eventually making a bionic exoskeleton. The wheel of the Kick Stick is activated by pressure. Its motor starts when leaned against, and stops when pressure is taken off of it. The Kick Stick uses the amount of weight put on it to gauge the acceleration. The more the rider leans on it, the faster it propels them.

The Kick Stick does not have a braking mechanism. It’s completely separate from the skateboard, so the rider must stop on their own. The Kick Stick’s 2.75 horsepower motor is capable of propelling its riders up steep hills. Its 3D printed design allows it to stay cool when in use. The custom shaped parts are specially made to optimize performance and prevent overheating. It folds up to roughly the size of a skateboard and is lightweight.


KickStick by Rise Robotics

The Kick Stick made its official debut at the 2016 World Fair in New York. Although the Kick Stick is still a prototype, Rise Robotics hopes to fund the launch of their product with a Kickstarter campaign this fall.

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