Journalist dies in junta custody in Myanmar, claims colleagues

Journalist dies in junta custody in Myanmar, claims colleagues


A freelance photographer has died in the custody of Myanmar’s military junta. The journalist was arrested last week in connection with an anti-junta protest. His name is Koe Soe Naing. Several colleagues and a friend of the journalist have confirmed the death of the photographer in the custody of the junta.

The Myanmar army staged a coup on February 2. Elected Aung San Suu Kyi overthrew the government and seized power. Hundreds of journalists have been arrested since then. However, more than half of them have already received. This is the first time a journalist has died in the custody of the junta.

Besides freelance journalism, Koe Soe Naing was a graphic designer.
Last Friday, anti-junta protests took place on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar. The protesters were silently protesting. Koe and one of his colleagues were taking pictures there. He was then arrested.

Anti-military protests have erupted in Myanmar since the February coup. Friday’s protest was the largest in the country in months. Roads in Myanmar were deserted that day. Everyone was at home. Talked to each other on the phone. Businesses were closed for six hours.

After the seizure of power, the junta of Myanmar tried to stop the free flow of information to suppress the protests. Arresting journalists for this has become one of their main goals. In addition to arresting media workers, the activities of several media organizations have been shut down. Many are being forced to work in secret again.

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