Japan has strict quarantine policy for foreigners

Japan has strict quarantine policy for foreigners


Japan is set to introduce strict quarantine policies for citizens of 14 countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany, to avoid the risk of new types of corona. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the rule would take effect on Tuesday.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters at his office on Monday. He said the government has taken some quick steps to avoid a possible bad situation. As part of this, a new travel policy is being implemented for one month from now. The names of the countries on the list of countries that have to comply with strict quarantine when returning to Japan have already been updated.

Prime Minister Kishida said the new policy would remain in effect until details of Amicron were known. According to the Foreign Ministry, Japan is one of the most effective countries in the G7 to prevent the spread of emissions.

A coronavirus has been identified in the body of a passenger from Namibia who arrived in Japan, but it has not been confirmed whether he is infected with ammonia, Fumio Kishida said. He said it would take four to five days to analyze the results and confirm the matter. Without disclosing the identity of the victim, the health ministry said the male passenger landed at Narita Airport yesterday.

Japan has eased long-standing travel bans since November 6 due to an outbreak of the coronavirus. Since then, foreign businessmen, students and technical trainees have been able to enter Japan easily. After entering Japan, they were allowed to enter easily with the promise of surveillance for some time. Besides, the number of people allowed to enter was increased from three and a half thousand to five thousand per day.

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