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The top 11 excellent Jamie Foxx movies to watch today


Jamie Foxx is one of those actors you can’t help but love. He’s so diverse and has starred in some amazing movies. If you haven’t seen them all, here are the 11 best Jamie Foxx movies you should watch now. From action to comedy, there’s something for everyone. So get ready to be entertained! You can also stream your favorite movies online here filmy4web.

Who is Jamie Foxx?

Jamie Foxx is an actor, singer, and comedian who has been in the entertainment business for over two decades. He got his start as a stand-up comedian before transitioning into acting. He’s since starred in many movies, including action, drama, and comedy. Some of his most popular films include Ray, Django Unchained, and The Jamie Foxx Show.

No matter what genre you’re in the mood for, there’s a Jamie Foxx movie that’s sure to please. So if you’re looking for a good film to watch, check out one of the 11 best Jamie Foxx movies below.

1. Ray (2004)

Ray is a biographical film that tells the story of musician Ray Charles. Jamie Foxx stars as the titular character, and he gives an incredible performance. The film chronicles Charles’ life, from his humble beginnings in the segregated South to his rise to fame as one of the most influential musicians. Foxx’s portrayal of Charles is spot-on, and he even won an Oscar for his performance.

2. Django Unchained (2012)

It is a Quentin Tarantino film that is made in the antebellum South. Jamie Foxx stars as Django, an enslaved person freed by a bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) and then trained to be a tracker. The two men team up to take down a ruthless plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio), and the film is full of action, violence, and suspense. Foxx gives a great performance as Django, and the film is considered one of Tarantino’s best.

3. Collateral (2004)

Collateral is a crime thriller starring Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. Foxx plays Max, a cab driver who gets caught up in the middle of a plot to kill five people in Los Angeles. Cruise stars as Vincent, the hitman who hires Max to be his driver. The two men form an unlikely bond as they go on their deadly mission, and the film is full of tense action and suspense. Foxx and Cruise both give great performances, and Collateral is a must-see for fans of either actor.

4. The Jamie Foxx Show (1996-2001)

Before he was a big Hollywood star, Jamie Foxx was the star of his sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show. The show followed Foxx’s character, Jamie King, as he tried to make it big in show business. The show was funny and heartwarming, and Foxx’s performance was terrific. If you’re a fan of sitcoms, then The Jamie Foxx Show is a must-watch.

5. Sleepless (2017)

Sleepless is a crime thriller starring Jamie Foxx and T.I. Foxx plays Vincent, a police detective who goes undercover to take down a drug lord. Things go awry, and Vincent finds himself in over his head. Foxx and T.I. give great performances. 

6. Any Given Sunday (1999)

Any Given Sunday is a sports drama starring Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, and Dennis Quaid. The film follows a fictional professional football team, the Miami Sharks, as they struggle to make it to the playoffs. Foxx plays Willie Beamen, a backup quarterback thrust into the starting role when the team’s star player gets injured. Foxx gives an excellent performance. Any Given Sunday is a must-see for fans of football or sports dramas.

7. Dreamgirls (2006)

Dreamgirls is a musical drama based on a Broadway play of the same name. The film follows a trio of African-American singers (played by Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Anika Noni Rose) trying to make it big in the music industry. Jamie Foxx co-stars as Curtis Taylor Jr., a record producer who takes the girls under his wing. The film is full of great music and terrific performances, and it’s a must-see for fans of musicals.

8. Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Law Abiding Citizen is a crime thriller starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. Foxx plays Clyde Shelton, a man who seeks revenge on the criminals who killed his wife and daughter. Butler stars as Nick Rice, the prosecutor who put the killers away. The two men are brought together when Clyde takes Nick hostage, and the film is full of action and suspense. Foxx and Butler both give great performances, and Law Abiding Citizen is a must-see for fans of either actor.

9. Project Power (2020)

Project Power is a science fiction action film starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film takes place in a world where people can take a pill that gives them superpowers for five minutes. Foxx plays Art, a man looking for his daughter who has taken the pill. Gordon-Levitt stars as Frank, a cop who is investigating the pill. If you’re a fan of science fiction or action movies, then Project Power is for you.

10. Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver is an action film starring Ansel Elgort and Jamie Foxx. The film follows a young getaway driver (Elgort) who is forced to work for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey). Foxx co-stars as Bats, a criminal who takes Baby under his wing.  

11. The Pianist 2022:

The Pianist is a historical drama based on the true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman (played by Adrien Brody). The film follows Szpilman’s struggles to survive during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw. Jamie Foxx co-stars as Freddie, a musician who helped Szpilman. 


If you’re a fan of action, comedy, or drama, there’s a Jamie Foxx movie. The top 11 excellent Jamie Foxx movies are given above. If you are finding the best movies of your favorite actor Jamie Foxx, then watch all the movies that are given above.

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