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No one can deny the popularity of Jack black. He is a well-known American actor, singer, director, producer, musician and comedian. He earns immense fame worldwide because of his great sense of humour in comedy and acting. 

The first debut he made in the movie was “Bob Roberts”. But the very first appearance of Jack Black was in a video game commercial, and at that time, he was only 13 in 1982.

Later on, he appears as a star in many movies, including School of Rock (2003), High Fidelity’ (2000), King Kong’ (2005), Shallow Hal’ (2001), Shark Tale’ (2004), ‘The Holiday’ (2006), Kung Fu Panda’ (2008), Bernie’ (2011), Margot at the Wedding’ (2007), Nacho Libre’ (2006), Gulliver’s Travel’ (2010) and many more. 

All these are his best-known movies, but besides these, there are some worst, which include Year One’ (2009), The Never-ending Story III’ (1994), Saving Silverman’ (2001), and Envy’ (2004). 

In this blog, you will know more about recent times’ best Jack Black movies. If you are a big fan of his and want to know more, go through these and never miss watching. Let’s understand the best films of Jack Black one by one.  Download

Jumanji: The Next Level

The last movie of Jack Balck is “Jumanji – The next level”. The story of this movie is connected with the first part. It is based on a videogame adventure. In this part, Eddie and Milo both take part in the team. The movie is great fun for the fans of Jack Black. It was released in 2017. 

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

Ari Sandel directed this jaw-dropping movie in 2018. In this movie, a single mother named Kathy (McLendon-Covey). She is trying to control her children, who suffer from bad habits. But later on, an evil dummy named Slappy appears on the screen and adds horror and a unique effect to the story. 

The House with a Clock in its Walls

Another fantastic movie about Jack Black was released on 21 September 2018. In this story, there is an orphan named Lewis (Vaccaro). He was forced to live with his mysterious and odd uncle, Jonathan (Jack Black). Roth wants to turn the children’s book into a family farm in this movie. 

The atmosphere changes, but it lacks happiness and charm. No one can deny that Jack only well plays the role of the mysterious uncle. He handles the scenes of bravery and grief as well as no one. Eli Roth directs this incredible story. 

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle.

The predecessor of Jumanji-The next Level, directed by Jake Kasdan. It was released on 7 December 2017. In this movie, four teens in high school found a magical game board called “Jumanji”. They got stuck in this video game, and then at the end, they became avatars. Jack Black has played his role well. 

Kung Fu Panda:

Kung Fu Panda comes in the series of Jack Black blockbuster movies. In this movie, Master Shifu (Hoffman) is a retired person, and Po (Jack) takes the place of Master Shifu. 

In this way, Simmons, who played the demon water buffalo Kai, began to make an army of zombies. On the other hand, Po connects with his father and is a lovable panda guy. The director of Kung Fu Panda is Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh Nelson. 


In this movie, a teen named Zach (Minnette) truly likes his neighbour and schoolmate Hannah (Rush). But the thing is, her mysterious father (Jack Black) keeps her locked in the house. 

It is one of the best movies from Rob Letterman and written by other talented writers, R Stine, Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. Goosebumps, as the name, explains that it is a horror movie which was released on 5 February 2016 and hit the screen. 


It is a movie that is not sci-fi, horror or comedy based, but it was a reality-based murder story in Texas in 1996. The film is based on violence which affects the friendship of irritable widow Marjorie Nugent and a well-known mortician (Jack Black). 

But the neighbours are not meant to show some sympathy for the victim. The thing that steals the movie is the faux-documentary style. Richard Linklater is the director of this movie, and it hit the screen on 26 April 2013. 

Kung Fu Panda 2:

Kung Fu Panda 2 is another comedy movie that hit the cinema. The role of Jack Black in this movie is voiceover behind the chubby panda boy. The Panda does not know a few martial arts, but at least he has to learn, and it becomes enormous fun to see how much struggle he does. The story maker of this movie is Jennifer Yuh Nelson. 

Year One:

In this movie, Jack Black had played the role of an inept and lazy caveman named Zed and Oh (Cera). According to Biblical times, both vanish from their village and move on an epic journey. Here they interact with the Old Testament gang, which is fun to watch. 


It is all about the best Jack Black movies. Besides these, there are some others which you should watch like “Be Kind Rewind”, Kung Fu Panda and Tropic Thunder. If you are a true fan of Jack Black, watch the favorite one and let us know which one you select and how much you enjoy it. Have Fun!

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