Is Your Love Life Stressful? Follow These Astrological Tips and Improve Them


Ah! The arbors of love. The flutters of my heart, the butterflies in my stomach. Love makes a person walk on air. But often these feelings get marred by instances or situations that may not be in our complete control. Love can get strained in situations like such. Astrology can support and help get your strained relationship back on track. 

  1. Venus smitten: Venus, also called Shukra, is the ruling planet of love and fertility. So, no wonder chanting his Beej mantra is a key way to bring some of his energy into your relationship. The mantra “OM DRAM DRIM DROUM SAH SHUKRAEY NAMAH” is powerful and guaranteed to bring changes into your chemistry. 
  2. Look into the houses: By houses, we don’t mean actual physical dwellings but the houses in your horoscope. The 5th, 7th, and 11th houses of the horoscope deal with marriage, love, and sexual desires So, any dosh in these houses will act as major roadblocks to a fruitful communion. This is why partners getting serious should also get their horoscopes matched by an astrologist. No love between two incompatible individuals will ever be smooth.
  3. Mind the gifts: Gifting is one of the common traditions between lovers. It is true that often we don’t pay much heed to the astrological impacts of these gifts. But, each of these gifts can deteriorate or build a relationship. For best, it is advised to forego anything black or sharp like knives, as a gift. Astrologists suggest gifting red objects as it is a color symbolizing love, passion, and fertility.
  4. Worship love: Love assists love, lovers assist lovers. According to Indian or Vedic astrology, worshiping deities like Shiva-Parvati, Radhe-Krishna, and Lakhsmi-Vishnu. Deities who are symbols of love and companionship should be worshiped and their hymns must be chanted by couples for a stress-free relationship.
  5. You’re my gem: Gemstones are also another remedy to save cracked love. It is always advised that couples get suitable gemstones to counter their planetary flaws. Stones like Moonstone, Amethyst, and Ruby contain the power to inject love with new vigor. Special mention must also be made of the diamond, known so frequently as the stone of everlasting love. But such stones are always advised to only be worn after being bestowed by a certified astrologist.
  6. Use Crystals: Like gemstones, crystals also own a potency that can rejuvenate your love for each other. As a rule of thumb, pink hues in crystals denote they are for solving your relationship problems. Crystals like Amethyst and rose quartz are among a few frequently used in this aspect. 
  7. Reading the signs: In western astrology star signs hold a strong ground when it comes to predicting the love compatibility of partners. As a rule of thumb, fiery signs are more in alliance with the earth than water or air. Such pairings can be drawn out between every couple and understand whether they are going to stand the test of time or not. Western astrology has recently caught the attention of the younger generations and is seeing a return of use. 
  8. Mantras for the mileage: Again, turning to Vedic astrology, our traditions often suggest chanting hymns to be a way to improve your relationship. Deities like Ganesh and Kamdev must be resorted to when dealing with stressed love
  9.  Be the Devi devout: Devi Durga is also worshiped to gain mileage in a relationship. Offering a red shawl to her is one way to attain her blessings for your love life.
  10. Fridays and moonlit nights: Lovers are often advised to meet on moonlit nights to strengthen their chemistry. The same also goes for the advice that they should meet on Fridays. 

The bottom line

All the aforesaid tips do work quite well to better your love if followed but, we must remember that at the end of the day it is a matter of the heart. Love isn’t a straight equation. Hence, what may work for some, not for others. And, more importantly, the partners themselves must solve the issues straining their love through two-way communication. The best way to arrest the dip in the relationship is to couple proper mutual understanding with the astrology-backed remedies.

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