Is Your Habit of Streaming Anime Good or Bad?


Well, if you frequently binge anime shows on a consistent basis then  definitely you get this thought in your mind. Isn’t it… that’s why you are here. 

No matter, whether you are a kid, teen, or adult, it is one of the leading entertainment sources for all age groups. Now, the question is- Is it a good habit to stream anime shows often. 

So, to get your answer with us by the end. You will definitely perceive your answer.  

Here, we will list both the aspects- Positive and Negative of watching anime on and all other platform. By considering all these points, you can decide whether it is good for you or not.

Positive Aspects of Watching Anime:

This section will let you explore the pragmatic aspect of streaming anime, so you will get clarity on whether you should go for it or not. Have you noticed these viewpoints in your anime? 

Learning from Animes:

Upon exploring various discussions on multiple platforms regarding this issue and even taking feedback from the anime preferences, most of them replied that they learn something from each anime. Most of the highlights from anime that they learned are:

  •  Never give up.
  •  Respecting and protecting friends and family.
  • Every time you fall down, stand with greater strength and you will become even more powerful and stronger. 
  • Trust your parents, friends, and family. 
  • No matter, what happens to you, simply accept it and move on. 
  • Good times are waiting for you if you wait for it and do accurate steps for it. 

These are the most received learning by the binge-watchers. So, if you grasp any of these in your animes then let us know in the comment section.

Explore Meaningful Concepts:

There are numerous animes that present meaningful concepts in front of you. The concepts are presented in such a manner that you are able to get insight into them without any pre-defined knowledge about them. If you didn’t get the above information have a look at the example, which will provide you clarity:

FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood provides you the ideas of Kinship, death, and corruption whereas Sword Art Online renders us how we build our thoughts of reality and what actually creates the one authenticity the true one. 

In our busy lives, we are unable to notice these concepts but by binge-watching these episodes, we not only observe them but rather pay attention to them. So, if the case with you also then streaming anime is not bad for you. 

Enhance our Imagination:

Despite all of the above, anime also presents crazy ideas and notions and even different planets and worlds that you can’t explore in real life which is beyond real life. 

For example, one of the most famous anime expresses Naruto Shippuden, which features a jovial ninja teen who can practice life energy from the fox demon staying inside him to grow stronger and stronger. 

All these we can’t explore in real life and shake the mind of the viewer to think out of the box, increasing their creativity and building effective new ideas in their real life. What is your opinion regarding this point, share your viewpoint in the reference section. 

All are the best three points that are effective and will enhance your mindset for new creation and innovations. 

Know, let’s move towards the grey side of the Anime:

Grey Side of Bingeing Anime:

Here, all the negative aspects of the anime are listed that are faced by the anime streamers. Check whether you come across these issues or not, so give a thorough reading and verify if these have these kinds of impact on your life.

Anime Imparts Escapism:

If you continuously stream Animes then Escapism overpowers you. Escapism is one such situation, where you are overwhelmed with the 2D world of animes and accept those situations in real-life and even try to twist the anime for them in reality. 

Basically, it is a circumstance, when your thoughts are not ready to leave the animation world of anime and you start doing efforts to make an ideal world far from the real world. 

Whether it is kids or adults, if they are experiencing such issues in their life then this is high time to stop watching animes and going forward to other sources of entertainment. 

Use of Anime Language:

It is a natural phenomenon that if you exercise something regularly then it will have an impact on you and you will watch them in your real life. Like to this, if you stream animes regularly, then you start using the anime language in your real-life. 

This hindered your communication process as if the receiver is not an anime fan then he will definitely find it difficult to understand it. 

Excessive Fanaticism:

This is also revealed that the excessive streaming of the animes results in the unreasonable fantasies and illusions that hinder the working of an individual. 

Basically, Fanaticism occurs when your mind is full of excessive fantasies. You try to alter the reality and even think of changing the societal norms. Are you experiencing something like this, do let us know in the comment section. 

These are the major issues faced by the streamers who are regularly streaming the anime shows even repeating the already watched shows again and again. 

Final Thoughts:

Analyze, your situation whether your anime impact is positive for you or not. It’s really good, if you fall in category one but make sure that you binge it only at the acceptable limit otherwise, you can also be in the second category. Furthermore, if you fall in the second region of the article, then tires to reduce your anime show so that you can be back to your normal life. 

Importantly, it is the way how we perceive one situation and uses it in our life. So, surely, consider this and proceed accordingly. In case, you are looking for any assistance then connect with us.   

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