Is The Photostick a Useful Device or Just a Gimmick?


Have you been in one of those dreaded situations where you run out of space to save more photos or videos on your device? You probably have. Sometimes the only viable option is to delete photos on your device and free some space. But ideally, it shouldn’t be the case. What if we said there is a secure portable storage option where you can move your important files and photos and store them securely? Photo stick is one such platform that has served as a secure storage option to store your videos and photos apart from your device. But is photo stick mobile for iPhone a reliable option? Let’s understand this.

How Photostick works?


Photo stick is very easy to operate and has software that automatically navigates through photos and files. So this eliminates human endeavors to explore through a plethora of photos and images to locate the desired file. The software is designed to reduce the complexity of scrolling through the files and eliminate duplicate files. Simply insert the file into your device, and it will retain all of the files, and you can keep your

important files safe.

How many files can Photostick store?


You can store an average of 3,500-60,000 photos on Photostick at once, and it majorly depends on the size which you get. There are three different variants of Photosticks available for the computer devices, with a minimum size of 8GB which can only save

3,500 photos. The second bigger size available is the one with 64GB which can store

30,000 photos at once, followed by the largest version available in 128Gb, which can store 60,000 photos at a time. The numbers mentioned are approximate and may vary based on the file size.

What is the actual cost of Photostick?


The prices of Photosticks are distinct based on the sizes, with the size of 8GB available for $34.99, 64 GB available for $49.99, and 128GB is priced for $79.99.

Is Photostick reliable or scammy?


In the era of technology, we are almost introduced to a new app or feature daily. Hence, it is easy to fall for scammy products available in the market. But this is not the case with Photo stick. It is highly reliable and offers you a money-back guarantee. You can even look for a website with genuine reviews from customers who have used the product and found it useful.


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