High Risk Merchant Account

Is Getting a High-Risk Merchant Account Easy?


Often businesses end up having to close down due to their inability to accept customers continuously. This is due to the various advancements that are coming about in the area of technology. Small businesses keeping up with these are often very difficult to say the least.

One of the things that they are required to do these days would be being able to accept payments over the internet. This is considering the pandemic situation and due to the customers wanting to stay at home and do all the purchases.

Need for Merchant Account

In case a business is choosing to operate on the internet and accept payments they certainly need best merchant services. These services of a merchant would also need to abide by the PCI compliance. Getting one such account is especially tough for new and small businesses.

Merchant accounts essentially allow businesses to accept credit and debit card payments over the internet. Without these businesses essentially would have to depend on third-party methods to accept payments from customers which is considered even riskier.

Difficulty Factors

Things get even more challenging if these businesses belong to the high-risk category. In these cases, the business would have to opt for a high risk merchant account services. Signing up for one would mean a lot of documentation and another set of challenges.

Businesses belonging to the gambling or casino industry get affected a whole lot. The companies that are in the industry of prediction, airlines, or medicines are also faced with similar difficulties. Therefore, finding a merchant services provider is difficult for them.

Even if they manage to get an account for merchant services, they would still have to deal with the customers who often go for a chargeback with these businesses. After a certain percentage of chargebacks, the merchant would end up closing the business account.

The biggest of problems with PCI compliance accounts getting locked is the fact that businesses would not be able to access the funds in it at all. This means the high risk merchant account services that they have opened have gone a total waste.

Bottom Line

Getting all these done and having a merchant account running is a challenge. This is more so the case when you are thinking in terms of a small, medium, or a start-up business. However, having said that these challenges are worth taking if the market is good for you.

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