IO Hawk: An In-Depth Look at the Leading Self Balancing Scooter Brand

IO Hawk is often credited with being the first US manufacturer to produce the “Personal Motorised Transporters” that have gained popularity over the past year. Popularized by such celebrities as Justin Bieber, Souljah Boy, Wiz Khalifa, and Chris Brown, the hoverboard type device allows riders to stand upright facing forward and control the self-balancing scooter by simply leaning forward and giving pressure with their toes. The California-based company was founded by John Soibatian in 2014. After their official preorder launch on Feb 6th 2015, the upright hoverboards have sold like wildfire.

IO Hawk claims to have been copied by several imitators, namely Phunkee Duck, which brought the technology into full limelight through a post made on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram profile. The IO Hawk is commonly described by users as a cross between a skateboard and a Segway, and is raved about for being enjoyable and fun to use.

.Is the IO Hawk Safe to Use?

The recent battery malfunctions in similar hoverboard like devices around the world were from brands other than IO Hawk. IO Hawk has not reported any instances of danger due to battery or any other part malfunctions. As for rider safety, riders of the IO Hawk are expected to use discretion while riding to avoid any kind of accidents.

Specifications of the IO Hawk Self Balancing Scooter

IO Hawk has already undergone improvements, and now offers full metal bodied designs that are capable of supporting up to 400 lbs. Its gyroscopic sensors allow for accurate controlling while in use. IO Hawk’s self balancing scooter is capable of speeds exceeding 6.2 MPH. It runs on a battery, which can be charged in roughly three hours. The IO Hawk’s battery can last for roughly 10-12 miles of continuous use. At 24.65 inches long and only 22 lbs, the IO Hawk is quite easily portable when not in use. It runs silently, and can barely be heard at all.

Products Offered by IO Hawk

The original IO Hawk hoverboard had a starting price of $1,799 when released and was available in red, white, and black. IO Hawk’s newest model, Hawk 2.0, is out of stock on their websites, but is currently available for preorder for the same price. The Hawk 2.0 includes Bluetooth connectivity for playlist control during use. IO Hawk also offers another new model they call the IO Hawk Signature that also has Bluetooth capabilities as well.

IO Hawk Promotional video

What’s the Difference Between the IO Hawk Signature and the IO Hawk 2.0?

The only difference between the IO Hawk Signature and the IO Hawk 2.0 is a slight reduction in build quality and a reduction in price of $200. The IO Hawk 2.0 is the company’s premium model at $1,799.99 while the IO Hawk costs $1,499.99 on their website. Though both models are currently out of stock, they are both available for preorder.

Can You Still Buy the Original IO Hawk Model?

IO HAWK white model, original

© IO Hawk – White

Yes, the original IO Hawk self-balancing scooter is also available for sale on IO Hawk’s website for $1,299.00 and comes in white, red, blue or black. All colors are currently in stock and available for purchase.

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