Introduction into African America


I would agree with your idea that African Americans never really had a united group since most of you come from all parts of Africa such as like Ghana or Nigeria or other countries meaning even the same religion or language does not exist for you all really or at the times be like tribes such as Nigeria meant to have like 79 ethnics so even if most of you came  from there still mean big differences could exist in personality or language or religion wise.

For example most White Americans would be in theory British one way or another such I got like a lot of relatives as much as like 50,000 of them but all of them race wise be related to me so we share the same religions, beliefs, languages  for  why all of Americans presidents were British basically such as Obama had  a Scottish family member too

To me the biggest problems in African America be caused by the women like it is in the European problem area or a smaller amount of Asian as well or problems with Latino women as well but less as well normally.

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