Interior Decor Ideas: Five Types of Upholstery Fabric


Upholstered furniture has been around for some time now and is very popular. They are basically padded furniture that is always enclosed with fabric. They have wooden or steel frames over which springs and cushioning are attached. The cushioning or the padding is then covered with fabric so that it covers up fully. Upholstered furniture can be found in many unique colours, designs and style. Here are five different types upholstery fabric that are popular interior ideas.


  1. Leather – It is the most common and widely used upholstery fabric. Leather is not only comfortable but looks luxurious as well. It also feels grand as well as smells expensive. It looks amazing in all living rooms. However, one downside of using leather is that is harder compared to other fabric and is quite expensive.


  1. Polyester – It is a type fibre that is commonly used as an upholstery fabric and is available in many colours. Therefore, you can find polyester upholstery furniture getting well blended in whatever them you want to follow for your interiors. Polyester upholstery gives off an expensive look and looks attractive. By looks it is similar to that of leather but be careful when you use polyester as upholstery for your interior decor ideas. The material is highly inflammable and can be a safety hazard.


  1. Olefin – It is petroleum based synthetic fibre and is extremely durable. The material is perfectly suited for furniture that is used quite roughly and can receive a great deal of wear. It resembles the look and feel of wool. Olefin undoubtedly is one of the most long-lasting types of upholstery furniture.


  1. Rayon – This material is a semi-synthetic fibre and is versatile. At the same time, it offers comfort that is similar to the comfort levels provides by true natural fibres. Although as upholstery, rayon is not very durable, yet, the new varieties of this fabric are widely used in interior decor ideas.


  1. Wool – It is one of the most popular and natural fabric that is used in upholstery furniture. Wool is available in a massive variety and is soft and warm. These qualities definitely makes wool a comfortable upholstery material. However, wool can be an expensive fabric if you want to use it for the purpose of upholstery.


Besides these, other materials that you can pick up as your upholstery fabric are acetate, cotton, silk and acrylic. Cotton and silk are popular choices too but yet again; durability is questions with their usage. Upholstery fabric can be the most important factor when it comes to deciding the look and comfort of the upholstered furniture. If you wish, you can seek the help of a professional who will not only guide you which fabric to choose but will also makes all your interior decor ideas come true to life. You can also match your fabric with matching canvas art prints online. With variety of design in flower canvas prints .


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