Indie Author Mohammed Sohail Ahmed, a philosopher and Nonfiction writer.

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Today India has the most book readers in youth, and there are many aspiring writers, authors and influential poets in our Country, and among them one of the youths from Telangana state, Karimnagar, a young author Mohammed Sohail Ahmed has come out with unique titles and manuscripts which are highly relevant to social-individual life.

Sohail continuing his career in the field of pharmacy, he has authored four books till now and it is the toughest part to manage writing while pursuing bachelor of pharmacy in science is although difficult, he has successfully established his name in writing industry as an Author and also an Urdu poet.

One of the major assets in writing to be considered is the flexibility of writing and a polished language stanza which relishes, Sohail Ahmed made readers to embrace it and feel that the person accosting with the readers and fulfils his thoughts by giving a conclusive word.

Apart from writing books, Sohail Ahmed also penned Urdu poetry, and I highly breathtaking words are used so that every reader can relate with it because it covers the philosophical concepts of writing, a philosophy which breaks another philosophy by its will.

Mohammed Sohail Ahmed graduated his bachelor of pharmacy, from Karimnagar, Telangana state India. While pursuing his studies, he has authored four books till now, and hopefully coming with some of the bigger projects in future.

Among four of his books, (The Art of Likability: A short note for making you, The Colours of Rainbow, Grow Insight: Activate your Insight, Urdu Poetry in Roman English vol.1) The Art of Likability is Amazon’s best seller, Mohammed Sohail Ahmed also has appeared on Tv interview at his home town Jagtial news channel, talking about his books and upcoming projects.

Sohail Ahmed writing pattern is based on paradigms of life, which explains assumptions and actions of human behavior and their impact on life. As we see how today youth contribute their will power in society, and with the greater aspirations they fulfill their life’s.

Today there is no age factor to determine the abilities of a person and similarly Mohammed Sohail Ahmed talks about the contribution of life for the sake of god and sake of society, and the bigger thing is the self-determination and self-identity of a person and with these concepts he prioritizes his work, he says

“A person without Passion is dead from inside, although appears like living a common life”.

Either a goal or a will make a person live the life, a person living with for only the consequences like birth, live, study, job, get married, earn and die, these consequences are not value providing for anyone, a person with greater assumption cause and will only always succeeds.

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