In your twenties, you owe it to yourself to learn life lessons.


In your late twenties, you’ll be able to bring all of the things you learned in your early twenties together. By the time you turn thirty, you should have learned the following twenty-nine lessons.

Use your imagination as much as possible. Nobody said it had to go out when you got older.

Define achievement for yourself. The term “performance” has no universal meaning. In reality, “the completion of a goal or purpose” is the meaning. Set a goal or an intention for yourself and work against it.

Take time to read. It is the best education available.


  1. Define the parameters. However, be open to redefining your boundaries.


  1. It’s fine – in fact, it’s safe – to say “no.” Being a “people pleaser” would never lead you to your desired destination. Stand up for yourself and accept the fact that you can have to say no.


  1. There can be no discrepancy in what you say and what you do. Don’t claim to be a loving person while harboring a grudge for months. Don’t say you want someone who treats you well and still remain in a bad relationship. Say what you want, but make sure you do it.


  1. Ignorance isn’t endearing. Learn about political issues, socioeconomic injustices, and environmental issues. You don’t have to be polarizing with your beliefs; all you have to do is believe them.


  1. Engage in extracurricular activities. Working and social occasions aren’t the only aspects of life. It’s about the little pleasures that bring you joy.


Failure is a present. How are you going to remember, after all?


  1. “Growing up” is a process that takes time and effort. It’s a slow and steady phase that occurs over time, which is a good thing. There is no “due date” on which you must complete a task. Anything is done at your leisure.


  1. Express your emotions. In all relationships, the words “I feel” or “I was hurt by…” are critical for development. Don’t hold it in: feel it, write it down, express it if needed, and then carry on. Holding on to that would only make you feel worse.


  1. “Things” don’t matter all that much. However,
  2. Give credit to those who have influenced you. They’ll be relieved to learn.


  1. Lather, lather, lather! The days of sleeping with your make-up on are long gone. The days of eating whatever you want are gradually fading. Every day, begin to look after yourself. Drink plenty of water, moisturize the skin, and eat nutritious foods.


  1. Feed your spirit. They’ve been here before and are just attempting to lead us to our most happy spot.


  1. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOURSELF. You are in control of your expectations, of what you do, of what you think, and of what you bring out into the world.
  2. True friends are preferable to a large number of “workers.” Get your circle smaller and devote yourself to those who are really there for you.


  1. Put the best foot forward in whatever position you take on, and results will come. Whatever work you have or dream you have in mind, make sure you put your whole self to the table. If you care for the environment, find a way to make the workplace more environmentally friendly. Bring your interests and personalities to your job, and you’ll be good.


  1. Houseplants are calming. I know because I have 14 of them. Taking note of someone other than yourself is a crucial aspect of growing out of your “self-absorbed” youth.


25. Relationships are a “we,” so that doesn’t mean they have to be.

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