In Chandpur, the child put a smile on the face of the heroic freedom fighter father


Father and son on the same stage. Son is a police officer, father is a heroic fighter of the great liberation war. The two are sitting side by side. With several other heroic freedom fighters. In such an environment, the joy of victory is in everyone’s eyes. One such victory fair was held at Chandpur District Police Lines with the family members of heroic freedom fighters and martyred freedom fighters.

The award was held at noon on Saturday (December 16) at the District Police Lines. It honored those who took up arms for independence from the police force during the great liberation war and the family members of the martyred great freedom fighters. The heroic freedom fighters have been honored by the police in Chandpur on the occasion of the great victory and the golden jubilee of independence.

Chandpur Superintendent of Police Milon Mahmud was the chief guest at the event organized by the district police. Among others, the guest was the freedom fighter woman freedom fighter Dr. Syeda Badrun Nahar, District Freedom Fighter Commander MA Wadud, Deputy Commander Yakub Ali Master, Sirajganj Veer Muktijoddha Abdul Khaleq Montu, Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration & Crime) Sudipta Roy, Additional Superintendent of Police Sohail Mahmud, Additional Superintendent of Police Asif Mohiuddin, Press Club President Iqbal Hossain Patwari and others.

Receiving the award on the occasion, the father of the district police super, Abdul Khaleq Montu, a heroic freedom fighter and eminent writer of Sirajganj, said that getting such honor from a child is the result of victory in the great liberation war at the call of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu. Chief Guest Superintendent of Police Milon Mahmud said, “I have been able to hand over the honor to those including my father today.” I am really proud of that.

Dr. Abdur Razzak said the United States had made mistakes in Vietnam and Afghanistan as well. The steps taken by the United States in Bangladesh are by no means correct. This will be a loss to Bangladesh. A country moving forward seems to have caught their foot. I urge the United States to review and lift the sanctions as soon as possible.

The Agriculture Minister said Bangladesh is a democratic country where there is a government elected by the people. We have come to power through elections and are running the country on the basis of the constitution. We have not committed any violation of humanity. No opposition leader or activist including BNP has been extrajudicially killed in the country. War criminals have been hanged and jailed in accordance with the law through the Supreme Court.

He added that a small country has so many TVs, magazines and online magazines that no other country in the world has. All that is said in the news all day. There is freedom of speech. I do not understand where human rights are being violated.

Organized by Chandpur District Police in this district and in different parts of the country to fight against the enemy forces in the great liberation war who were martyred and are still alive. Honors are given to them. A total of 63 people were greeted with northern, crest and floral greetings as a memento of honor.

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