If there was Facebook then, there would not be ‘Panchpandab’


If they had social media at the beginning of their career, they would not have been able to come so far – this is the idea of ​​former Bangladesh national team captain Mashrafe bin Murtaza. Mashrafe has talked about the careers of Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah and Tamim Iqbal. He also said that young cricketers need more support.

In Bangladesh cricket, five senior cricketers are referred to as Panchpandav by many. Mashrafe has been out of the national team for some time, retiring from the International Twenty20 in 2016. Mahmudullah recently bid farewell to the Tests. Tamim is out due to injury rehabilitation during the current tour of New Zealand, Shakib has taken leave. It can be said that the song of their end has started.

However, in response to the question why no one can take their place, Mashrafe told reporters on the occasion of the final of IGP Cup Kabaddi today about the impact of social media. Commenting on Bangladesh’s most successful ODI captain, ‘Speaking of the five (Panchpandav), we are very fortunate that in our time there was no social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). If you look at our early careers, if we had social media, we wouldn’t be able to play that far. That’s a problem. “

Referring to the impact of the criticism on social media, Mashrafe said, “It’s not easy to capture the impact that young players are having on performance. When a player is not able to perform, if attacked from all sides, but he is emotionally broken. We need your support here. “

He also advised the youth to be more patient, ‘Look at Tamim, look at me, Shakib may be different, look at Mushfiqur — everyone but I was left out at the beginning of my career. Maybe Tamim didn’t read, but he wasn’t today’s Tamim then. Except Shakib, almost everyone had to come to a stage with difficulty. Whatever happens now, everyone wants a performance. International cricket is not so easy that you will get performance right away. It’s all a matter of patience. And before that you have to see how much he is ready for international cricket. It is important to combine the two. “

On the day Mashrafe said this, two young batsmen of Bangladesh, Nazmul Hossain and Mahmudul Hasan, spread light on Mount Manganui. Mahmudul, who made his debut against Pakistan on home soil, is unbeaten on 60 runs. Mashrafe says if given a chance, it should be given in the long run. As Joy (Mahmudul) scored now, he may or may not run in the next five matches. But when you take someone, you have to make sure he is my future. He will have to watch for a long time. It’s more important to think before you take it. “

In the upcoming BPL, Mashrafe will play in the same team in Dhaka with Tamim and Mahmudullah. The pacer has not played competitive cricket since December 2020. What matters is the performance on the field at the end of the day. It’s not a matter of name, it’s a matter of how you play on the field. Tamim did not play in the World Cup, but Tamim is a big name in the country’s cricket. However, the extent of the impact will be understood in the field. Mahmudullah is different, he is now the captain, one of our best performers in T20. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. But all this goes on the field – it doesn’t come. ‘

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