ICMR is preparing yet another pan-India sero survey to test spread

ICMR is preparing yet another pan-India sero survey to test spread


Another nationwide serological survey of the novel coronavirus in India will be performed by ICMR after the first one’s findings proved inconclusive to test for population spread. The new sero survey will be conducted to assess Covid-19 ‘s exposure among the population of the country, and will be a follow-up to the one conducted earlier this year in May.

The earlier survey showed how 0.73 per cent of the population was exposed to coronavirus in the first part of the study, gathered data from 65 districts out of 83 in the country. The last sero survey consisted of two sections — one measuring the percentage of the general population that was infected with coronavirus and another to estimate the number of people infected with the virus in containment zones or hotspots.

Reports have said there is a chance that the SARS-CoV-2 virus might have gone through an evolution and that further answers will come from newer and latest results. As of now, data is being compiled and processed for another Delhi-specific sero survey conducted in 11 districts by the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) from June 27-July 5, said Bhushan.

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