Huawei Ready to Sell Its New-Generation Chips and Silicon to Apple

Huawei Ready to Sell Its New-Generation Chips and Silicon to Apple


Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd is now selling 5G smartphone chips to the phone maker giant Apple Inc. The move to offer chips and other silicon to the competitor marks a significant shift in Huawei’s philosophy towards its patent. Ren Zhengfei, Founder and CEO of Huawei, said the company would sell its next-generation mobile and chips to other phone manufacturers. It could impose a probably significant change in the policy. Ren said they are open to Apple in this case. The Chinese networking equipment producer is in the customer market for a relatively small amount of time. The company also owns independent brand smartphones; it has quickly achieved the position of the third-largest vendor by market share.

On the other hand, Apple does not have an iPhone with the potential of working on 5G network. The phone maker is in a legal fight with Qualcomm Inc., the chipmaker. Apple even switched to Intel Corp. for mobile chips. But nowadays, Intel is unable to deliver its chips due to ongoing delays. Thus, it is threatening Apple’s intentions to launch a 5G enabled iPhone in the upcoming year. So Apple may seek for another chip supplier. Although, it remains unclear, whether Apple would prefer Huawei. Maybe a potential Huawei-Apple deal would run opposing the U.S. government.

It also means that Huawei might become a feasible alternative if Apple wants to release the new phone. While the U.S. continues to mark Huawei as a threat to its national security. The Pentagon has banned U.S. officials from using the Chinese tech giant’s phone. Whereas, Huawei denies to accept the claims. Still, it is surprising news that Huawei would supply chips to its biggest rival. Huawei’s inclination towards other smartphone makers for the first time will definitely affect chipmakers like Intel and Qualcomm. Even more, it could introduce a new rival for the American chip giants in the market.

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