How you can leverage push notifications to grow your business


Smartphones have changed the way businesses interact with their target audiences and customers. Mobile apps have been one of the most important business tools in recent times. There are entire businesses out there who already generate significant sums of revenue directly through their mobile app.

However, mobile apps are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used to generate revenue, but they are also excellent marketing tools. In our article today, we will discuss how mobile app push notifications can help you market your business and brand more effectively. Before we get any further, we must answer a burning question – “what are push notifications?”

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are simple notifications that apps can send in the notification bar of smartphones. They are mostly small messages and alerts. The notification bar can be activated by dragging the top down.

Push notifications are an important part of all mobile operating systems. They were created to send users message notifications and alerts such as new messages on an app, update reminders, etc. However, push notifications are very flexible, and this alone has allowed developers to customize them for marketing purposes.

Push notifications are one of the most efficient ways of marketing a business. In fact, its sheer versatility is what drives many businesses to create mobile applications.

The benefits of push notifications

Push notifications can be used to communicate your marketing material effectively with your customers and users. Here are some of the benefits of sending out push notifications:

  • Increased User Engagement: Push notifications keep your app users active and engaged with your app. They make people want to use your app again. From simple reminders to news and marketing material, everything that can boost user engagement can be sent through a push notification without being too intrusive.
  • Better conversion rates: Push notifications have the best conversion rate among all other forms of marketing technologies. This is because they create a sense of urgency among users, and users are more likely to click push notifications. According to surveys, push notifications have a conversion rate of nearly 50%
  • Helps share information: You can send information about your brand through push notifications. For example, if you have a discount offer for your customers, you can communicate that directly through a push notification.
  • Better Analytics: One of the greatest advantages of push notifications is that they are very easy to track. This lets you have accurate metrics on how many views, clicks, and engagements you receive from your push notifications, and you can better research your audience to find out what they want.
  • Easier to target the right audience: Apps allow you to analyze your user base according to their geographic location. You can target your push notifications for a particular set of users. For example, if you have a discount in a certain region, you can send push notifications to users only in that region.
  • Affordable: Push notifications can help you save a lot of money. Due to the higher conversion rate, push notifications provide significant returns on investment. It is a source of engagement that keeps on giving. Unlike other marketing technologies, receiving push notifications are free for your users, which means they’ll appreciate you too.
  • Easy-to-Use: Push notifications are easy to send, meaning you require that you can use existing company resources on it. In fact, if you build a mobile app with app builders like Appy Pie, they will include a simplified push notification dashboard.
  • Doubles as a communication channel: Some businesses also use push notifications for simple communication. It doubles as a direct communication platform for users.

Sending push notifications with a mobile app

To send push notifications to your users, you will need a dedicated business mobile app. That might sound challenging but creating a mobile app is easier nowadays. No code development software such as Appy Pie lets you build your own business mobile apps without any coding. 

With a no-code mobile app, you can send push notifications through Appy Pie’s push notification dashboard. Appy Pie offers over 75000 push notifications every month for apps that you create with it. If you go the traditional coding route to build your app, you will have to buy specialized APIs from a push notification dashboard provider.

How to make push notifications better

Push notifications require user consent to be sent. This is why you must ensure that users want to receive your push notifications. They need to be engaging and must bring some value to your users. Here’s how you can make your push notifications better:

  • Tell users the benefits of push notifications: When users choose to opt in or out of your push notifications, you should convince them to opt in by listing out what benefits it brings them.
  • Create a sense of urgency: Remember that your push notifications will be successful only if they create a sense of urgency in your users. Triggers such as ‘hurry!’, ‘limited time offer’, etc., will help engage the user.
  • Hire good writers: Push notifications may be 100 characters long, but those 100 characters need to pack a punch! Hire good writers who are capable of delivering that punch effectively.
  • Use emojis: Step up your emoji game and use the best emojis you can find. Emojis are very effective in push notifications.
  • Ask for ratings and reviews: Ask for user feedback through push notifications. It shows care for your users and can help increase customer satisfaction. In addition, these ratings and reviews will help analyze the success of your push notification campaigns.


As of right now, push notifications are the most effective marketing tools out there with a conversion rate of over 50%. Not utilizing them is business oversight. Create a mobile app with tools like Appy Pie and get yourself onto the map by providing the best push notifications possible.

Build your mobile apps and send your push notifications to your customers and users easily. Try it today and get your business on mobile!

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