How Virtual Phone System & Its Features Work?

How Virtual Phone System & Its Features Work?


One of the biggest hassles that any or let’s say every business organization faces is not the lack of staff or too much staff, but the problem in managing the business calls and queries related to the products. Sometimes, a company may go to the extent of keeping extra staff or increase the staff thinking that this can help in managing the business calls and work easily, but the opposite happens. Somewhere there is always a lacuna and people miss important calls, or are at leave, or not in place. But this problem can be solved easily with the help of the virtual phone system. With the help of a virtual phone system, the business calls can be handled by two or three staff members very easily and flexibly. 

How Virtual Phone System Works? 

For instance, there is staff A that is busy managing a business call, another incoming call arrives at staff A’s desk, but the line is busy and it gets routed to staff B, then there is one more incoming call at both staff A’s and B’s desk, but the line is busy, so the call gets routed to a voice-mail message box, which is transcribed by staff C. No matter, whether the call is related to a product issue, or call for some urgent business meeting or some other branch office related problems, but with less staff, it can be managed through the virtual phone system. Also, if the calls get missed, there is a call analytics feature in the virtual phone system, where you can get complete details of past call history and other call details in your system. 

Call Split Options – 

So, you should always choose the best virtual phone system provider like talkroute alternatives. It has many good features and one of the best features that you can get is the call split option. It is different from call routing or diverting. You can get this feature even in your device and systems, where you can split or divide the calls according to their importance. If you know that in your business, a call from the head of the branch office is important for getting regular updates or progress, then you can save that number for receiving calls, and at the same time other unimportant calls from branch office employees which always address issues related to company or products, you can split it i.e. direct it to your office employees to handle. 

Extra Features of Virtual Phone System – 

So, this way you can stay connected with all important calls and direct other calls to the employees. But to use this feature you will need a good connection and devices. Apart from that, there is an on-hold music option feature with the virtual phone system provider, where if a caller calls you and your number is busy, so there will be music instead of a blank tone or you can also keep a voice-mail message box. But, you should ask the service provider if you want to avail of this feature on your device. You can use a virtual phone system for PBX or VoIP or PSTN whichever you like, you should enquire with the service provider. In a virtual phone system, you can port your existing numbers into virtual numbers. Also, for some parts of the US, there is a virtual toll-free number, which you can get. This is a unique number that can help consumers identify your business number or business call. 

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