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How to understand lipstick expires


Keep lipstick out of your baby’s reach. This is because lipstick contains a variety of metals, including cadmium, aluminum, and lead. Playing them enters harmful metallic substances in excess of the child’s body capacity. And it does not matter if it expires!

What happens if you use expired lipstick?

Using expired lipstick can cause serious damage. Using expired lipstick can cause itching on the lips and around the lips due to bacteria. Other ingredients in lipstick are lanolin, wax and dye. Expired lanolin can cause allergies, dry lips, cracked mucous membranes. There may be pain later. Lanolin absorbs dust, bacteria, viruses and some heavy metallic lips. When people drink water, these harmful substances enter the body directly. So be careful when drinking water after lipstick. Drink water as much as possible without touching the lips. Using expired lipstick can lead to chronic lead poisoning. This can lead to problems such as anemia, abdominal pain, renal failure, and even brain neuropathy. Pigments in expired lipsticks can cause cancer if they come in contact with ultraviolet rays. When a lipstick expires, it stops working against bacteria.

How do you know the lipstick has expired?

  • See the expiration date written on the lipstick. Usually a premium brand lipstick lasts for 12 to 18 months. Take note of the expiration date of all the lipsticks in your makeup box. When it expires, throw it in the dustbin.
  • Expired lipstick you will feel when you apply it on the lips. You will see discomfort. This lipstick does not moisturize the lips. Does not mix easily with the lips.
  • After the expiration date, the lipstick will no longer have its own scent. So check if it has a normal smell.

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