How to Set Up A Professional Trampoline

How to Set Up A Professional Trampoline


A trampoline takes up some space in your backyard. In present time, you need to do research for choosing the best professional trampoline for your backyard, only then you can get a suitable one. But the struggle does not end there. Now, you need to set up the trampoline in your backyard.

Setting up a professional trampoline is different than all other fitness trampolines and recreational trampolines. Because the professional trampolines are heavier and different in design & mechanism. Therefore they are suitable for gymnastics tricks & stunts to be performed by expert & aspiring gymnasts, athletes and sports persons.

How to Set Up A Professional Trampoline

Setting up a professional trampoline requires 3 to 4 people and some tools. The required tools for trampoline assembly are 1 Philips Head Screwdriver, 2 Adjustable Wrenches, 1 Rubber Mallet and 1 Spring Puller Tool. When you have all required people and tools ready, you can begin the professional trampoline setting up process in your backyard.

Your trampoline must have arrived in two-three boxes. You should open all boxes and get all parts out. Then read the trampoline assembly instructions in its manual and arrange the parts accordingly. Make sure all trampoline parts are in their best condition before you start the assembly process.

#1. Get the Trampoline Frame Ready

The first and most important part of a trampoline is its frame. You need to begin the assembly task by preparing the trampoline frame. If you have bought a round trampoline then you should build a ring by joining the frame tubes. If it’s a rectangle trampoline then you need to create a rectangle shape.

After the frame ring is prepared, you need to attach trampoline legs. Use the T-sections to attach U-shaped or W-shaped legs to the trampoline frame. Then attach the net poles to the frame and tighten the screws with help of Philips Head Screwdriver. Make sure the trampoline frame is on a flat surface and is stable.

#2. Attach Jumping Mat and Springs

After the trampoline frame is ready, you need to attach the mat and springs. This task requires a spring puller tool, so get it in your hands. First, you should spread the jumping mat on the ground and attach all springs to the mat.

Thereafter lift the trampoline mat and put it under the frame area. Now, you need to attach the other end of all springs (already attached to the mat on one end) to the trampoline frame. Attach four springs as one in each direction and then one by one for proper installation without stretching the mat.

#3. Attach Frame Pad (Spring Cover)

A spring cover is included in your trampoline package. It is useful to hide all springs and cover the frame edge to protect the kids. You should spread the frame pad and put it on the trampoline frame edge. Make sure all springs are covered and tie the loops of spring cover to the frame to secure it in its place.

#4. Attach Safety Enclosure Net

The next and most important thing is safety enclosure net. You need to install it carefully with help of 2-3 people. Spread the enclosure net and install it on your trampoline from above. The safety net must have sleeves for poles, make sure all sleeves go perfectly over poles. Then tie down the loops at top of the poles as well as at bottom with the frame.

#5. Attach Ladder and Trampoline Accessories

Now, attach the ladder to the trampoline so that your kids can easily access it. If you have received a basketball hoop or flashlight or any other accessories, you can install them on your trampoline.


#6. Anchor the Trampoline

After properly assembly, you must anchor the trampoline to secure it in your backyard. The strong winds don’t come with a prior notice and they can blow your trampoline away. Therefore you should add trampoline anchors to the trampoline legs and also put sandbags to make it safe against storms and high winds.

Final Verdict:

After assembly is done, you should check all the trampoline parts carefully to know if they are attached properly and everything is safe. In this way, you can assemble a professional trampoline in your backyard and enjoy using it with your family.

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