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How To Optimize Your Content Strategy For Lead Generation


According to a recent study published in the Digital Information World, the average attention span of humans has reduced from twelve seconds in 2000 to eight seconds in 2018.

For the digital marketing industry, these stats are of great concern. This is because today’s digital marketers would not only have to focus on merely creating quality content but also on optimizing their content strategy to grasp the attention and interest of the user.

Focusing on content quality plays a crucial role in the success of a business, it is not sustainable for the long-term since it doesn’t guarantee leads. A robust content strategy and closely following the digital marketing trends are the only ways to bring in sufficient leads.

Here are a few proven ways that would help you to optimize your content strategy for lead generation:


1. Make a shift from keyword-centric content to user-centric content

Earlier, every digital marketer would follow a simple strategy to focus on their target audience- conducting thorough keyword research and creating keyword-centric content. However, in the present-day scenario, this strategy no longer gives effective results.

Rather than creating keyword-centric content, you must focus on creating user-centric content that would enhance the experience of your users. A simple way to do so is by putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience and anticipating their intent.

You could do so by asking yourself questions, such as which keywords the user is most likely to type in the search box and what pushed them to search for those particular queries.


2. Link a Customer Relationship Management Platform with your Opt-in forms

Most of the websites today use opt-in forms to lure people to subscribe to an email list so that enterprises can establish some form of relationship with them. However, this approach has become outdated.

This is because people are becoming reluctant to share their email addresses with unknown websites. Plus, with so many marketing emails filling up the inbox of every other person with a mobile, it has become really difficult to maintain good email open rates to stand out of the crowd.

Hence, the best way to gather leads is to link your opt-in forms with a customer relationship management platform. It would help you organize your contacts and creating a holistic strategy to build meaningful relationships with your prospective customers.


3. Tracking and reassessing your conversion funnel

Every webpage on your website plays a significant role in enhancing your conversions. In case a page is not performing up to the set expectations, it would provide lower leads and hence, reduced revenue.

For instance, your landing page is the first interaction of your target audience with your business. Any shortcoming in your landing page could mean a lower conversion rate. To make sure that every page is performing over and above the set expectations, you must track and reassess your conversion funnel from time to time.

Several online tools provide data visualizations of the conversion funnel, such as Google Analytics and Matomo. Through these tools, you would be able to see which pages are not performing, allowing you to take the necessary actions to improve them and optimize your content strategy.


Final Thoughts

By following the above ways, your content strategy would improve, and you would inevitably end up with more leads. But keep in mind that digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry, and you can’t fixate upon a specific content strategy. With new trends coming up every other month, it becomes crucial to adopt each new trend into our strategy.

By constantly evolving your content strategy, your business would start showing growth in little to no time. Need help with content strategies to grow your business online? Consider hiring a digital marketing agency today!


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