Corrugated Boxes

How To Make Your Product Stand Out With corrugated boxes?


The usage of packaging cases is getting used for many purposes. But we always get confused about how to make our product stand out. If you’re also looking for a perfect box to increase the worth of your product, then keep reading.

We would be discussing how To make our product stand out with corrugated cases. Here are some tips and tricks to increase your sales and to promote your brand.

Customize your Packaging Boxes:

To give a unique and charming look to our boxes, we must use the best methods. There are not many customization options in the market. But if we use the suitable box as customized with the appropriate printing method, we could give a unique look to it.

We would be discussing some of the printing methods and discuss their advantages.

Screen Printing:

In this printing method, plastisol ink or water-based inks are used. In screen printing, we also have to use some equipment to control the ink and its flow. A mesh is getting used for smearing it over the facade. And some blocking equipment gets used to blocking the ink from going to the unwanted area.

Advantage of screen printing:

  • This method is relatively easy.
  • The ink gets absorbed into the surface, which gives a sleek touch to the box.
  • The ink does not affect the nature of the box.
  • It is cost-effective and efficient.
  • The ink does not take much time to dry.
  • This method is suitable for almost every packaging material.


Gravure printing is getting used to customize the bulk of packaging material. In this printing technique, a cylinder is getting used that also gets submerged into the ink pan. Now, a thing to notice here is that the cylinder is etched with a specific design. And when the packaging box passes through it, the pattern gets transferred onto the material.

Two types of cylinders get used in this process. One cylinder, which has the design etched onto it. And get dipped into the gravure-ink. And the other cylinder is on top of it and presses the material onto the other cylinder.

Advantages of gravure printing:

  • This printing method is quick as the bulk of material gets customized.
  • The ink is dried up quickly, and hence it does not smudge or ruin the design.
  • The machinery is affordable and easy to operate.
  • This method is quick and efficient.

A disadvantage of this method is that it might cost you a lot if you do not want to customize a bulk of the material.


In this carving method, A cavity is created onto the packaging that is visible to the eyes. Such design feels pleasant to the eyes when it further gets customers with foil or pigments.

This method is getting used by luxurious brands to give a costly look to their boxes. Customize your corrugated boxes with this technique and highlight your brand identity.


In this process, the specified area and design puff out of the surface. And the unique design is visible to the eyes. This design is also getting used by luxurious brands to give a 3-D look to their boxes. It is always easy to customize this type of design with foil or pigments.

Make sure that your Packaging Cases are Organic and Firm:

A packaging box must always be firm and secure. A firm box secures the product from external harm and pressure. While it also secures the item from dust, pollution, chemicals, and moisture. Corrugated packages are famous all over the world because of the secure nature. And that is the reason why they are getting manufactured as shipping and storage boxes.

Promote your Brand and Product using the Box:

How could we customize our packaging boxes to impress and attract clients? How to promote our brand? Two factors affect our brand sales and marketing. Without these, we could not possibly sell our products. And they are logos and slogans.

A trademark always makes the clients feel reassured that the product is legit. While a slogan is getting used for promotional purposes. A slogan consists of two or three words. While luxurious brands tend to use an elegant and simple logo and packing case. But in the case of corrugated boxes, make sure that you imprint the brand logo on the box. In this way, not only you impress your clients or promote them.

Corrugated packages are getting used for shipping. And in this way, whenever the box goes through, the people could see your brand. And if your logo is impressive enough, then they might search for your brand right away.

Study your Clients and Customize the Box Accordingly:

We can never know how to customize our boxes if we do not study our clients. Every customer has different preferences and tends to purchase the product that they like unconsciously. You must have noticed that we get attracted to the product customized with our favorite color. Other than that, if a product has an image of our favorite celebrity imprinted on it, we can not stop ourselves from buying it. Always keep in touch with modern technology and trends. In this way, we deliver the elegant product to us.

Add little Gifts to your Packaging Box:

Who does like surprises? If I were to share my experience, I once ordered a product and got a little gift with it. And such a little gift can make the day for your clients. Do not use expensive gift products. And if you do not know what gift you should give to your clients, solely use a thank you gift card or a sticker. We always try to manufacture our boxes uniquely. But if we wish to make your product stand out, we must use a unique approach. Now, manufacture and customize your packaging boxes accordingly and impress your clients.

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