How to draw a rose

How to draw a rose – Steps to Follow


It feels good when you give someone a rose bouquet because the rose is meant for love and is one of the most known flowers among others. But have you ever considered the painting and drawing of a rose? 

If you think it is complex and not the thing of you, it is wrong. To draw a rose is more straightforward than you ever think. So, follow these steps to draw a rose within a few minutes.

How to draw a rose?

All the steps to draw a rose are given below:

Step 1

Let’s start drawing a rose flower with an angular spiral. Start from the center and make three turns clockwise from the inside out. The spiral should be oval, not round.

Step 2

Now let’s start drawing the petals. It would help if you drew from the center of the spiral at a right angle to the left and down a faint line 3 times the height of this spiral. Put a small dot at the end of the segment.

You cannot be limited to an imaginary segment, but draw it hard on the pencil. But after you put a point, erase the segment because it will no longer be applicable. From the obtained point, draw an S-shaped line upwards,

Step 3

From the same point, draw another S-shaped line, only turned in the opposite direction. Again, it must be carried out to the outer left edge of the spiral.

Step 4

The last reverse S is similar to the second.

Step 5

From the point you marked in step 2, draw a rounded curve up and to the right. At the top, it should end at the same point where the S-curve you drew in step 2 ends.

Step 6

With one more rounded curve, you will finish drawing the left petal. It goes to the second S-curve as we do in step 3 and ends at about 1/4 of its height from the top edge. The second petal is ready, and the shape of a rose is already visible.

Step 7

Now you need to draw five short segments for the spiral. Start at the point where you finished drawing the spiral in step 1. Then, draw a line from it to the sizable right petal.

The next segment goes from the spiral corner; this is to the left. It also needs to be finished where the line of the large petal goes. Three more segments, which are also drawn starting from the corners of the spiral, must end on the lines of this spiral.

Step 8

Rose is almost ready. Now it’s time to draw the leaves. A rose has a complex leaf; it consists of several leaves located on one petiole. So let’s draw one such petiole. Your rose is ready. Now you can color it.

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It is all about the simple steps to draw a rose as you see; it does not require any cost and hard work. If you follow these simple steps, you can draw it within a few minutes.

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